Ellie Dressler is known as the “golf cart girl,” and her movies on TikTok about her time spent working on golf courses are presently popular.

In essence, videos of “cart ladies,” or young women who commonly deliver drinks to golfers on courses, can be found all over TikTok.

The pay for cart ladies is frequently under minimum wage, despite the fact that some of them receive hundreds of dollars in tips, and some have contracts with businesses like Abercombie.

Dressler decided to start working as a cart girl after learning about a new craze on TikTok. Before being hired by a stunning course, she sent multiple job applications to golf clubs.

Ellie Dressler
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Who Is Ellie Dressler? Her Wikipedia Bio

Ellie Dressler performs the duties of a “cart girl” on a golf course while bringing drinks and making TikTok movies. She builds a platform trend and engages her 58k+ followers by sharing her work experiences with them.

In her search for a job as a cart girl, Dressler claimed to have spoken with eight golf courses, and each of them allegedly confirmed that TikTok had increased the number of applications they had received for the position.

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After some effort, she was able to secure a job at a golf course, where she worked irregular shifts of four to six hours. When she arrives at work, she loads her cart with everything she requires, including Coke, beer, ice, and shots.

After that, she spends the rest of the day driving around the golf course serving people drinks. Even though her summer job’s income was the most it had ever been, she insisted that it was still less than some of the cart girls on TikTok.

The majority of us, according to Dressler, could not afford the several hundred dollars a day that she observed cart girls earning on TikTok.

NameEllie Grace Dressler
Age20 years old
Born on2002
ProfessionGolf cart girl

How Old Is Ellie Dressler? Her Age

Ellie Dressler, age 20, was most likely born in 2002 or a year or two after. She joined TikTok just a short while ago, but she already has a big fan base.

On TikTok, she has 382.7K likes, and 58.9K follows. Additionally, she uses the Instagram moniker @elliegrace.l to access her hidden account.

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Earnings And Net Worth Of Ellie Dressler

Since Ellie Dressler is still not well-known outside of TikTok, her net worth and earnings as a golf cart girl are insignificant. She says throughout the movie that she earns decent pay working as a cart girl, and it appears that she does.

She acknowledged that the “Ridiculous But True Stories of a Golf Cart Girl” TikTok series was inspired by some of the less amusing parts of her job.

She went on to say that it was a “very straightforward employment” and all you needed to do was be polite and clever.

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She’s always been a successful businesswoman, and TikTok is just one more way she can express her imagination.

Her first sponsored advertisement just arrived for her. Dressler claims that this summer while working as a golf cart girl, she is earning the most money she has ever made.

Naturally, they receive gratuities in addition to their normal pay of $16 per hour. Even though they change daily, the proposals are always of the highest quality.

She expects to have enough money saved after a good summer to cover the cost of the forthcoming school year. Dressler also has a little extra money because she is going with her best friend. For a cart girl, not bad.

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TikTok: Exploring Ellie Dressler TikTok Video

Dressler does a number of tasks in her TikTok videos that are focused on her job as a cart lady, including broadcasting footage of herself getting ready for work and responding to fan messages.

Despite the ease of her work, she claims that occasionally, men may whistle at her, try to touch her, or comment on how she appears or is built. She once had a man grab her because he thought she was an expert in mixed martial arts, but he was mistaken.

Dressler also let her boss know about the thumb wounds. She gave him the go-ahead to carry out his plan. She constantly tries to stop them, but they always manage to get away with it.

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