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Ella Cruz’s mother discussed the alleged scam by businessman Xian Gaza against them. Get to know more about it in this post.

Xian rose to prominence after making a billboard offer for coffee with Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales. On July 4, 2017, the Twitter updates of a user named Dewanie Catapang were widely shared on social media.

This emphasized the businessman’s allegedly shady personality. She was allegedly duped by 24-year-old Xian, who claimed to be the CEO of the Hong Kong-based company Guanxiquian Group.

Ella Cruz And Xian Gaza Scam Details

You may remember that once there was a problem or scandal with the connection between Ella Cruz and Xian Gaza. Unfortunately, many people are ignorant of what has since happened.

Despite being an actress, Ella Cruz waited until the public was aware before posting that Xian was hurt. The union they belonged to and their departure.

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Xian revealed what had occurred. He stated: “Four years ago, on October 16, 2016, I came up with a strategy to contact Ella Cruz. I arranged for Terrazzo Tomas Morato and his mother to meet. I offered that my company, Gazera Media, and EC Dance Studio form a business partnership. Ella and I established the “EC Dance Company” there. Then, we joined forces for business.”

“Our business was a success, and our friendship is growing stronger by the day. We began dating after meeting two to three times per week.”

Then there was a proposal that he buy a Toyota Fortuner with Cruz’s family. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, he could not purchase the car, resulting in the scandal.

Details About Ella Cruz Boyfriend Xian Gaza And Wedding

Xian Gaza, Ella Cruz’s boyfriend, revealed information about their wedding. Cruz’s family and Gaza agreed after he didn’t pay the auto payment, and Cruz’s father then proposed to him as the groom for his daughter.

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On July 4, 2017, seven months after the initial incident, Ella’s mother went to the national news to accuse him of being a stalker and defrauding their family. The peak of my coffee date billboard was when it happened.

She was the mother of an actress, and the whole country believed in her. So poor Xian is not challenged.

 Ella Cruz And Xian Gaza: Were They Business Partners?

Ella Cruz stated on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” that numerous speculations were happening. “Everybody came out, but as I’ve already said, I don’t want to talk about it any more since it’s already happened and is finished. In a commercial partnership, Xian Gaza and I “she declared.

Added she, “We became quite close. We were just friends before, but now that there’s a business at stake, it wouldn’t be right for you to put all of your trust in me at once.”

Cruz didn’t address her mother’s accusations that Gaza was a “scammer,” which it has already vehemently denied. Cruz appeared as a guest on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” back then to promote her new romantic comedy, “Fanboy/Fangirl.”

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