The egg cleansing craze has recently emerged on TikTok, but it stands out since it has a very old-fashioned origin.

An uncooked egg is used in the ancient shamanic “egg cleansing” ritual to rid your body and soul of evil energy. Although the ceremony’s origins are in Mexico and Mesoamerica, rites similar to it have also been found in many other cultures.

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Egg Cleanse Tiktok Interpretation Disclosed

A Mesoamerican custom still widely used among Latinx people today is egg cleansing.

A shaman traditionally rolls an uncooked egg over a person’s body to rid them of bad energy. The limpa, or purification, is meant to have a spiritual impact.


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Shaheen Miro, an artist, writer, and intuitive, claims that the egg detox is 100 per cent natural. “The egg has been considered as a sign of life and expansion for generations.”

TikTok users have supplied step-by-step directions for performing an egg detox on their own.

How To Perform The Ritual?

Without necessarily touching it, a raw egg is rolled over your body to absorb and expel all negative energies. There is no need for anything else, only one raw, simple egg.

Wetting your eggs and setting your intentions is the first stage. The next step is to immerse the egg in a herb’s smoke, such as frankincense or sage.

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The egg should then be cracked into a glass of clean water after being thoroughly massaged over your entire body from head to toe. As soon as you’ve cracked the egg, you can check your results.

How Is The Result?

It should take 5 to 10 minutes for the egg to settle into the glass of water. If you want to read the results, you should look straight through the glass.

Please do not attempt to observe it from the top or bottom. Doing so could result in you reabsorbing the evil energy contained in the egg.

There are many different signals that you could find in the yolk, but some of them are common and denote particular things.

For instance, bubbles show that negative energy has been absorbed. On the other hand, Cobwebs denote someone envious of you, and spikes, threads, or needles, energy drain from your aura.

Place the egg in the garbage after you have finished reading it.

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