Jared J. Robinson, Trey Robinson, and Jakobi Robinson are the three children of Eddie Robinson Jr. 

The head coach of the Hornets also claimed that he took a little hiatus from coaching to take care of his three sons.

Eddie Robinson Jr. is the father of three boys, the youngest of whom, Jakobi, plays basketball for the Hornets. Jakobi is a member of the team and is younger, and a defensive player like his father was when he played.

After the game on Saturday, Eddie Robinson Jr. greeted Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders in the middle but chose not to give him a hug.

Robinson’s team had lost 26-12 to Sanders’ squad, and the Hornets coach later defended Robinson, saying that his outburst was a result of Sanders’ derogatory remarks made before the game.

Eddie Robinson Jr
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Meet Eddie Robinson Jr Partner: Details On His Married Life

The marriage of Eddie Robinson Jr. is still not well known. The wife of Alabama State’s top football coach is still unknown to many people, and he hasn’t given many details about his personal life.

In a brief interview with the YouTube channel Bossman Show, Eddie offers a brief history of his football career before concentrating exclusively on his children and omitting his wife.

The Hornets’ head coach stated in an interview that he loves spending time with his family more than his coaching career because he is a family man.

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He proclaimed: “Everyone anticipated that I would enter the coaching field right away after I ended playing in the NFL. I kind of expected to concur.” He went on, “I became distracted along the way by my three active sons in sports. So I sort of choose a family first.”

And even after describing his family in great detail, he never once mentioned the contribution his wife made to their marriage. Eddie’s wife might have requested seclusion from him, or the two of them might not get along.

Details On Eddie Robinson Jr Parents

1970 saw the birth of Eddie Robinson Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Contrary to popular belief, the coach of American football is not Grambling’s Hall of Famer, Eddie Robinson.

Eddie Robinson Jr., who was Eddie Robinson’s son, passed away in 2013 at the age of 70. Six years before the birth of his son, in 2007, the coach himself passed away unexpectedly at the age of 88.

The journalist frequently assumes that the defensive player is the son of the basketball coach when he brings up his parents because he hasn’t talked much about them.

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Eddie has always corrected them, saying that while he was an NFL player, he used to frequently get mistaken for the coach’s son. Day Robinson stated, “Playing in the [SWAC] and being from New Orleans, it’s just sort of one of those things,” in an interview with SWAC Media.

He served as a fantastic source of motivation for me both as a player and when I decided to pursue coaching. His son and grandchildren are people I know.

I occasionally still get in touch with his grandchildren. The Hornets coach told the reporters, “I’ve kind of gotten to know the entire family going through the many bases [of my career].

Who Are Eddie Robinson Jr Children?

The eldest child of Eddie Robinson Jr., Jared J. Robinson, is a Louisiana State University student. Jared is a fan of motorsports and works as the CMO at Dream Rides Entrepreneurship.

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The 20-year-old previously completed high school at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and will receive a Public Relations and Communication degree from Louisiana in 2024.

The most active user of social media among his siblings, Jared routinely updates his friends on picture shoots and encounters with his well-known father.

The middle child of the family, Trey, does have an Instagram account, but it is now private. Trey carries on his father’s tradition by playing football for Nebraska University.

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The youngest Robinson, 6 feet 2 inches tall and a defensive back for Alabama State, is Eddie Robinson Jr. Jakobi, like his older brother, earned his high school graduation from Strake Jesuit College and worked as a roaster for the team that his father coaches.

Before moving to ASU, Jakobi spent a season at North Carolina A&T, but he hasn’t participated in any games as a player.

What Is Eddie Robinson Jr Salary? His Net Worth

Eddie Robinson Jr. earns $200,000 a year in salary and has a net worth of $2 million. In November 2021, Donald Hill-Eley was replaced as the football team’s head coach at Alabama State University.

After losing to Alabama A&M on November 1 and earning $185,000 a year, the former coach was fired. The former NFL player played for the Hornets in 1992 after being chosen in the second round of the NFL Draft.

Robinson took part in NFL contests for groups like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, and Buffalo Bills. Additionally participated in Super Bowl XXXIV with the Titans in 2000.

Until 2014, Robinson Jr. worked as a college football analyst for ESPNU, ESPN3, and Comcast Sports South. 2002 saw his retirement.

In order to continue their studies, Robinson annually awarded $2000 in scholarships to graduating seniors from high schools in Jacksonville and Houston. And belongs to the fraternity Omega Psi Phi for life.

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