Dymondsflawless Relation With Her Boyfriend King Cid And Twerk Video Viral On Reddit Net Worth In 2022
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DymondsFlawless, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, has over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers. Explore more about the fashion icon and Youtuber in this post.

She grew her following through a series of hauls, video blogging, and tutorials. Dymond’s video “Picking Up Little Brother From School in LAMBORGHINI!” has been viewed over 5 million times since it was posted in December 2019.

DymondsFlawless Bio Details

DymondFlawless, born on April 3, 2001, is also known as Dy’mond Charleston.

Both of her parents work in the medical field. Her only sibling is Denzel. Dymond previously dated fellow YouTuber King Cid. She was also romantically involved with Khari at one point.

In August 2020, she released a YouTube video titled “HOW WE MET: Meet My Boyfriend!” starring Stunna Jit. On February 19, 2022, Dymond also posted a new video titled “I met a special somebody: STORYTIME” about a new person she had met.

Dymondsflawless Relation With Her Boyfriend King Cid: Did They Split?

King Cid, an American social media influencer and YouTuber, is active on both sites.

His self-titled YouTube channel, which currently has more than 2 million subscribers, is well-known for the prank and dare videos he uploads.

Jason Kid, better known as Kind Cid, was born on August 26, 2000, in Florida, the United States of America. Regarding his upbringing, family, and academic history, he has remained silent. However, we later learned that he had three siblings who were all born in the Dominican Republic.

Cid has demonstrated a greater interest in basketball and entertaining people since he was young. He played basketball for his high school’s basketball team despite being dismissed three times.

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Dymondsflawless and Kind Cid began dating in 2019. However, the couple soon divorced. When his girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse, the couple split up.

The 21-year-old stated that their split was caused by Jason’s alleged aggression rather than adultery accusations, as Cid stated in a 45-minute video released on September 17.

DymondFlawless recently posted a video titled “Face-to-Face with my Ex Boyfriend King Cid **the truth**.”

So far, over 155k people have watched and liked the video. In the video, the two engage in a round of questions and answers in which they each ask and receive 21 questions.

King Cid recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled ‘I Told My Ex Dymond I Want To Smash! ‘ The video has already received over 200k views.

The audience responded positively to the two collaborating on a video. They are all delighted to see Dymond laughing and smiling again. They also commended the two for remaining calm.

DymondsFlawless Parents and Education Details

Dymondsflawless’ YouTube videos have featured both of her parents.

Her father is Dany Charleston, and the two are very close. Dany praised Dymondsflawless in one of her videos, Dad Tag, and claimed she was the perfect child anyone could have asked for.

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Dymondsflawless mother, who appears in her video, is largely unknown. Denze is her younger sibling.

Although Dymondsflawless has not provided any information about her education, it is clear that she has a college diploma.

Dymondsflawless Twerk Video Viral On Reddit

Dymondsflawless twerking video was viral on Reddit and other social media platforms like TikTok. 

The clip has been deleted, but many of her fans search for it on the internet. The reason for deleting the video has not been known.

Dymondsflawless Net Worth In 2022

Dymondsflawless has amassed a sizable YouTube following since her debut. As her subscriber base grows, her channel’s estimated annual net worth rises from $23.6k to 377.3k.

She is compensated for her endorsements on her Instagram profile and YouTube channel. In addition, Dymond has over 380k followers on Twitter. If all of her sources of income are considered, her net worth is around $800,000.

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