Where Is Dylan Schumaker Now? Still In Prison: Father Killed 23-month-old Toddler Son Unintentionally Faces 25 Years In Jail.
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The jury found Dylan Schumaker guilty in January 2014 of killing Austin Smith, his girlfriend’s child and received a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison. Find out more about the convict in this post.

The young youngster was being cared for by Schumaker while his fiancée worked at a Springville restaurant. Dylan Schumaker was only 16 years old when he murdered Austin Smith.

Before dying, the boy was repeatedly punched and brutally head-whipped. As a result, blood vessels burst, causing internal brain bleeding.

 Dylan Schumaker: Where Is He Now?

In New York State’s Clinton Prison, Dylan Schumaker is serving a 25-year life sentence for the murder of Ashlee Smith’s 23-month-old son Austin.

Currently serving a life sentence, Dylan Schumaker will be eligible for release in 2031.

Dylan sobbed and admitted to the victim’s mother and the jury during the trial that he did not intend to kill Austin. However, the Supreme Court and Ashlee, who declared him guilty of the crime, dismissed his excuses.

Schumaker was found guilty and received the harshest sentence possible: a 25-year life term. The state supreme court justice, M. William Boller, described the session as “heartbreaking,” leading to 25 years for a young American.

He claimed that even at the age of 16, a person could recognize what is right and wrong. According to Boller, Dylan Schumaker was fully aware of the consequences while punching the toddler.

Is Dylan Schumaker Still In Prison Or Not?

Dylan Schumaker is incarcerated in New York State’s Clinton Correctional Facility and is scheduled for parole in 2031.

An appeals court commuted Dylan Schumaker’s life sentence in February 2016. Because the judge reduced his sentence to 18 years, he is eligible for parole after serving those 18 years.

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He will be spending the rest of his life under state surveillance even if released. During the trial, the judge questioned Schumaker about whether he didn’t intend to murder Austin or believed that doing so would be impossible by repeatedly assaulting him.

Austin Smith Medical Report Details

The medical examiner concluded that the child’s injuries weren’t brought on by a fall and slip but by many head injuries.

The new proof, which included texts, demonstrated that Austin started inflicting injuries around 5:00 PM and continued to do so for the rest of the evening.

The medical examiner found that the child’s extensive neurological damage did not allow for prolonged existence and caused his death.

Austin was repeatedly attacked while sending messages, according to the evidence.

The evidence shows that 16-year-old Schumaker engaged in a number of social and professional endeavors in addition to abusing the child.

Who Is Dylan Schumaker Girlfriend? Details About Ashlee Smith

Ashlee Smith and her boyfriend Dylan Schumaker live and work on Cochran Avenue. Ashlee works at a restaurant in Springville.

Ashlee’s boyfriend, Dylan, was watching Ashlee’s 23-month-old baby when he fatally beat him.

According to Schumaker’s evidence, Austin’s head was struck with a pillow to stop him from crying and waking up his younger sibling.

Schumaker sobbed as he was carried into the courtroom for sentencing, “You know how much I adore Austin.” I had no intention of hurting him.

According to the defendant’s testimony during his trial, when Austin threw up his breakfast and yelled an expletive, Schumaker spanked and slapped him across the face.

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