Dusk Falls Cast Revealed: Explore What role Do They Play And Who Are They?

On July 19, 2022, the computer game As Dusk Falls was released, and fans are curious to learn more about all 34 voice and body performers.

The story-driven adventure game created by Interior Night has captivated players’ eyes and ears. The X-Box game is also receiving excellent ratings from critics.

The 34 body and voice actors for the Xbox game are discussed in this page.

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Explore What role Do They Play And Who Are They?

1. Oliver Britten As Vince (Body Actor)


You may recognize English actor and writer Olivier Britten from the TV shows Doc Martin (2004) and Doctors (2006). (2000).

Britten is a man with experience in voice-over work. In 2017, he recorded a voiceover for the video game Total War: Warhammer II.

Vince Walker is portrayed by an English actor in As Dusk Falls. Walker, a former employee of an airplane, divorced and lost his job.

2. Elias Toufexis As Vince (Voice Actor)


American actor Elias Toufexis, 46, is presently residing in Los Angeles. He has experience in the voice-over industry.

He has produced a number of pieces for some of the most popular video games of this decade.

Among his creations are Genshin Impact, The Walking Dead: Survivors, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

For the upcoming game Gotham Knights, the American actor will provide the voice-over for the DC supervillain Penguin.

3. Alex Jarrett As Adult Zoe (Body Actor)

Alex Jarrett, a 22-year-old emerging star in the British acting world, is young. The video game “As Dusk Falls” marks Jarrett’s debut as a body actor.

She previously collaborated with Olivia Colman on the television series Les Misérables, and she was a guest star on the Channel 4 program Adult Material.

In the game, Jarrett portrays Adult Zoe, and he did an excellent job.

4. Brytni Sarpy As Adult Zoe (Voice Actor)

Actress Brytni Sarpy, 34, was born in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Her portrayal of Valerie Spencer in the television series General Hospital made her renowned.

The actress’s second appearance in a video game is in “As Dusk Falls.” Her prior employment was with the video game Deathloop.

Deathloop, which received a 10/10 rating from IGN, was regarded as one of the finest video games of 2021.

5. Mali Bamber As Young Zoe (Body Actor)

Mali Bamber is a recent entry into the entertainment industry. Her debut piece is titled “As Dusk Falls.”

6. Noel Mason As Young Zoe (Voice Actor)

Noel Mason is recognized for his work on the TV series Dangerous Remedy and in the animated film Turning Red (2022). (2012).

Noel Mason performed his first ever voice-over in the movie As Dusk Falls, some thirty years after entering the entertainment business.

It will be intriguing to see whether the actor appears in any other video games in the years to come.

7. Clara Emanuel As Michelle (Body Actor)

The popular television series Homeland is where Clara Emanuel, an actress and writer, is best known for her work.

She has appeared in the television shows Nutritiously Nicola and Marla, Myself, and I Presents.

As Dusk Falls is Clara’s second video game-related creation.

Earlier, Emanuel provided voice acting for the video game Homefront: The Revolution (2016).

8. Erica Lutrell As Michelle (Voice Actor)

Canadian actress Erica Lutrell, 40, is best known for her roles in Westworld and Salvation.

Erica has performed numerous voiceover roles in video games, just like Elias Toufexis, a member of her cast.

She appeared in a video game in 2022 called Horizon Forbidden West, where she played the character Zo (2022).

In addition, Lutrell provided voices for the video games Twin Mirror, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Marvel Avengers.

9. Terrence Booth As Jim (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

Actor Terrence Booth has been working in Hollywood for more than three decades.

You might believe that Booth’s third or fourth voice-over appearance is in As Dusk Falls, but you’d be wrong.

Booth’s first video game voice part is in “As Dusk Falls.”

For his recurring role as the Vicar in EastEnders, Booth is well-known.

10. Ryan Nolan As Jay (Body Actor)

The 26-year-old British actor Ryan Nolan is well known for his part in the Oscar-nominated film 1917.

Ryan’s first video game voice-over appearance is in “As Dusk Falls.”

He appeared in the 2022 episodes of Casualty and Becoming Elizabeth.

Ryan has contributed to numerous short films, including Bystander, Mortal, and Ashes.

11. Sasha Kane As Jay (Voice Actor)

Actress Sasha Kane is on the rise. Sasha’s first project in her career as well as her first work for voice-over is Dusk Falls.

Sasha is a subject about which little is known. The critics, however, have praised the actress’s effort to the hilt.

There is no doubt that Sasha will receive a lot more opportunities in the future due to her excellent performance.

12. Jack Bandiera As Dale (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

Actor Jack Bandiera is best known for his role in the television series Silent Witness (2021).

The video game “As Dusk Falls” will be Jack’s debut as a voice actor.

Jack will appear in the eagerly awaited 2022 film My Policeman, which stars Harry Styles.

13. Josh Taylor As Tyler (Body Actor)

The British actor gained notoriety for his portrayal of Johnny Dalkeith in The Crown’s first few seasons.

He is also well-known for playing Viscount Bollington in the television series Poldark.

Taylor’s debut appearance in a video game is in “As Dusk Falls.”

He has never performed a voice-over part before.

14. Jamie Blackley As Tyler (Voice Actor)

The British actor Jamie Blackley is well-known for his work in the film If I Stay (2014)

In 2019, the actor, who is 31 years old, recorded a voiceover for the video game GreedFall.

Blackley portrays Robert Dudely in the television show Becoming Elizabeth.

He appeared in the hugely successful 2019 film Greed.

15. Jane Perry As Sharon (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

Canadian actress Jane Elizabeth Perry is of Irish ancestry.

You might be familiar with her from her portrayal of Margaret Cunningham in the television series Devil.

Perry has experience in the voice-acting industry from her prior work on numerous video games.

In the critically acclaimed computer game Cyberpunk 2077, she voiced Rogue Amendiares.

The Canadian actress has also appeared in video games like Draugen, the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and the Hitman franchise.

16. Acushla-Tara Kupe As Joyce (Body Actor)

Acushla-Tara Kupe is a lady best known for playing Mr. Corman in the television series.

In one of the episodes, she portrayed Susan.

The actress has appeared in episodes of The Crown and The War at Home.

Acushla’s debut appearance in a video game is in “As Dusk Falls.”

17. Tonantzin Carmelo As Joyce (Voice Actor)

Carmelo is a versatile American actor who has appeared in films, television shows, documentaries, and video games.

The American actress’s breakthrough role came in Steven Spielberg’s Into the West, for which she received numerous accolades and awards.

In the video games The Crew and Cyberpunk 2077, she also provided Joss Kutcher’s voice.

The actress is also well-known for playing the Skinwalker in the TV series Teen Wolf.

18. Gabriel Persaud As Ash (Body Actor)

Actor Gabriel Persaud gained recognition for his performance in the 2013 film Tricked.

He has never played a supporting role before.

Since Dusk Falls is the actor’s debut video game role.

He spent over ten years out of the spotlight. His comeback to show business was with “As Dusk Falls.”

19. Tristan Allerick Chen As Ash (Voice Actor)

American actor Tristan Allerick Chen has just been in the business for two years.

In the 2020 film Poupelle of Chimney Town, the actor first appeared as Antonio.

Although he has performed as a voice actor before, most notably in the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid, As Dusk Falls marks his debut as a voice actor for a video game.

The movie Distant Tales is currently being filmed by Chen.

20. Francisco Labbe As Dante (Body Actor)

A British TV actor of Chilean descent, Francisco Labbe. Famous for playing David Agnoli in the television series Halo, Labbe was born and raised in Norwich.

He played Jose in the video game Ultimate Force where he previously worked.

In 2022, the Chilean actor played Juan in the film The 355.

21. Jason Hightower As Dante (Voice Actor)

The name Jason Hightower is well-known in the voice-over fields.

Prior to it, he contributed to the computer game Cyberpunk 2077 and the short animated TV series Victor Valentino.

In other games like Rage 2 and Legends of Runneterra, Hightower also provided the voiceover for the character.

22. Rhydian Jones As Paul (Body Actor)

Rhydian Jones, a Welsh actor, was born and reared close to Aberystwyth.

He began his acting career playing the lead in the Fiction Factory productions “Strike,” “Y Palmant Aur,” and “Caerdydd” for the BBC and S4C.

Rhydian made his debut in the world of video games only last year when he provided the voice-over for Bravely Default II.

23. Bill Champion As Paul (Voice Actor)

Nearly three decades have passed since Bill Champion first became well-known. The performer gained notoriety for his part in the 1980s television series Rockliffe’s Babies.

The seasoned Hollywood actor has recently provided voice acting for a large number of video games.

He worked in the video game Divinity: Original Sin in 2014, performing his first voice-over role ever.

Along with As Dusk Falls, he also worked on the video game Horizon Forbidden West during the year.

24. Kosha Engler As Becky (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

American/British actor and songwriter Kosha Engler was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

The actress plays Mrs. Mitchell in the superhero movie The Batman, which debuted in 2022.

The actress has experience with both superhero films and video games; in addition to her role in Wonder Woman, she provided the voiceovers for Cyberpunk 2077, The Ascent, and Battletoads.

25. Hanako Footman As Vanessa (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

You may be familiar with the actress Hanako Footman from her appearance in The Crown.

Her other roles include Pia in Defending The Guilty and Slaughterhouse Rulez.

Footman also contributed to the 2022 video game Hush-Crane.

26. Sam Douglas As Bear (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

A man named Sam Douglas is well-known for playing video game characters.

In the past, he has voiced characters in games like Killzone: Mercenary, Heavy Rain, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

You may be familiar with him from his appearances in Killing Eve and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

27. Jessie As Zeus (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

There isn’t a lot of information online concerning Jessie.

As a result, As Dusk Falls might be considered Jessie’s debut project in the Hollywood industry.

28. Simon Hubbard As Big Sam (Body Actor)

The British actor and director Simon Hubbard is well-known for playing PC Taylor in the television series Inspector George Gently.

Simon’s debut appearance in a video game is in “As Dusk Falls.” The British performer also works in production, directing, and writing.

In each of the three films he has directed, he also wrote the screenplay.

29. David Menkin As Big Sam (Voice Actor)

David Menkin, a 45-year-old actor in television and motion pictures, is well-known for his part in the computer game Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Menkin played Block in the television sitcom Jessy and Nessy.

David will provide the voiceovers for Squadron 42, another video game.

30. Alvaro Flores As Stranger (Body Actor)

Actor and author Alvaro Flores gained notoriety for his performance in the 2019 film Rambo: Last Blood.

Since Dusk Falls is the actor’s debut voice-over project.

The Last Bite and The 4th Room are two of his other well-known works.

31. Zeus Mendoza As Stranger (Voice Actor)

Zeus Mendoza has spent the last 20 years working in Hollywood. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in theatre arts.

The actor has already appeared in well-known video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Red Dead Redemption II.

32. Amy Elsam As Deputy Colborn (Body Actor)

Information about Amy Elsam is scarce.

She only played one role in Visual Developments back in 2012, according to the information we were able to glean.

33. Isabelle Inchbald As Deputy Colborn (Voice Actor)

The English actor received the 2017 Carleton Hobbs Award.

The actress’s first-ever video game role is in “As Dusk Falls.”

Her performance in the television shows Testament and Chinatown made her famous.

34. Brian Bovell As Special Agent Bradley (Body Actor And Voice Actor)

The 62-year-old actor Brian Bovell has a long history in the motion picture business.

The seasoned actor has been in the TV shows Holby City and Coronation Street.

The actor’s career-defining first voice-over appearance was in the computer game “As Dusk Falls.”

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