Drew Starkey Brother, Sisters And Parents Details

Logan Starkey, the brother of Drew Starkey, is a musician and singer. The single Daylight by Logan was released on December 16, 2022.

In the drama series Outer Banks on Netflix, Drew, an experienced actor, portrays Rafe Cameron. He also appeared in “Love, Simon” and “The Hate U Give.”

In the next season of Outer Banks, his character fights with Ward Cameron, who plays his on-screen father, until he loses all control.

He added that he listens to heavy metal soundtracks to get into character before performing intense scenes. Both his supporters and opponents commend his willingness to act outside his comfort zone.

Drew Starkey Brother, Sisters And Parents Details
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Who Is Drew Starkey’s Brother?

Brother of Drew Starkey Singer Logan Starkey sings with soul. Drew is a member of the band Humble Brother.

Daylight, his second single, was just made available on all streaming services, and he also used Instagram to promote his music.

He has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram, using the username @starkeyboy.

He developed a greater love for music while a student at Western Carolina University, where he majored in the music business.

Also, he creates the rhythms for his songs, a teaser of which he posts on social media. On his summer off, he works for a buy-and-sell company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Logan plays in the funk, blues, and soul trio Humble Brother, founded in Hickory, North Carolina. On Facebook, the group is highly active.

In 2013, he was a member of the basketball squad at St. Stephens High School. He once wore the number 33 jersey.

Also, he has a lot of photos of himself performing in different parts of the United States on his Facebook page, which shows how much he loves being a musician.

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Drew Starkey Sisters

The family of Drew Starkey’s sister Mackayla resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. She and Garrett Davila recently tied the knot on December 6, 2022—baseball player Garrett.

Before getting married, the pair had a three-year love relationship. On Instagram, where she shares pictures of her life and marriage with her followers, she has over 13,000 followers.

New York-born Brookey Starkey is a fashion model. She recently turned 24 and received a happy birthday message from her older sister on Instagram.

On Instagram, she educates her fans about fashion. She can be reached using the handle @brooke_starkey.

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Starkey works with various apparel companies. The most notable of her collaborations are with the company Parade. Also, she advertises on social media for her apparel line, the Brooke Starkey x RO Collection.

Brookey collaborated with gldn grl on a line of jewelry. The business sent her a heart-shaped necklace, which she advertised on her Instagram account, which has over 34,000 followers.

Details About Drew Starkey’s Parents

Todd Starkey and Jodi Ballard Hutto, the parents of Drew Starkey, are from North Carolina. Jodi and Todd are not together.

His parents were married after falling in love after meeting in college. The two had four extraordinary offspring.

It is known that they divorced when Drew was a little child, even though they haven’t talked extensively about their marriage.

Following their divorce, Jodi is now Brian Hutto’s wife and the stepmother of his children. According to Brian’s Facebook post, they have a celebration on December 12 for their wedding anniversary.

His Father

Father of Drew Starkey, The women’s basketball team at Kent State is coached by Todd Starkey.

He grew up in Canfield, Ohio, and earned his outdoor education bachelor’s degree from Montreat College. Starkey’s adventure began when he played tennis and basketball at Mars Hill College.

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Since taking over as head coach, he has guided the club to three postseason berths and two Mid-American Conference East Division titles, earning plaudits from both the players and supporters of the team.

Because of his success in elevating the women’s basketball team, he was selected as the 2017 MAC coach of the year.

With 23 years of experience working with and teaching various American teams, Todd is a seasoned coach. Lenior-Rhyne University in Hickory was the location of his first coaching position.

His Mother

According to her LinkedIn profile, Jodi Ballard Hutto, the mother of Drew Starkey, works as a counselor at Startown Elementary School.

She enjoys working with kids to help them achieve their academic, social, and emotional potential while running comprehensive school counseling programs.

Jodi received her Bachelor of Science degree from Montreat College. Lenoir Rhyne University also awarded her a master’s degree in community counseling.

She has been a counselor in a school setting for over nineteen years. Jodi and Brian Hutto are now wed.

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