Drag Queen Anetra, Bio, Real Name, Family And Talent Show Performance

The actual name of Isaiah Padua, aka Anetra Drag Race, is Anetra. Since 2007, Isaiah has been performing in non-union shows in Las Vegas, USA.

On January 6, 2023, MTV launched Season 15 of the American reality television show, and the drag artist Anetra stole the show with her epically gagworthy performance in the season’s first task.

In the first episode of EW’s Quick Drag podcast, she explained how she came up with her viral talent show routine.

For the first time, she revealed her process for creating the song Walk That F—-ing Duck featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

She is one of 16 competitors in the reality program America’s Next Drag Superstar, among the likes of Malaysia Babydonn Foxx, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Aura Mayari, and Princess Poppy.

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About Drag Queen Anetra

Isiah Padua, better known as the drag queen Anetra, is one of the seventeen competitors in this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. In the most recent episode, Anetra took home the talent show trophy.

Padua, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, has explained the origins of her drag moniker. She adopted the name from a coworker who was a stripper.

The coworker who gave her that moniker did so because she considered her “the prettiest thing she had ever seen in her life.”

She said, “I have a heart and a decent conscience occasionally,” when asked what sets her apart from other queens. She was raised in the cutthroat world of Las Vegas’s drag industry.

Since she isn’t a singer, she uses drag to “scratch that artistic itch” and express her individuality via costume and performance. She adores the anarchy and liberation of the drag scene.

The Las Vegas queen spoke on the importance of drag’s advent at Meet the Queens, expressing gratitude that drags developed into a profession and allowed her to serve as an example to others. She considers herself to be the more reticent, quiet sort.

About Anetra’s Family

Anetra, a famous drag queen, hails from various cultural backgrounds. She was born in Nevada’s Sin City, Las Vegas. Previously, she was related to the famous American drag performer and costume designer India Ferrah.

Once, she went under the name Anetra Ferrah. The two found similar success in Talent Shows, winning their first Maxi Challenge.

Image Source: MTV

Many of her 153k+ Instagram followers may be attributed to her visibility in the drag industry. She keeps her fans and admirers up to speed on her career and accomplishments by regularly posting breathtaking selfies and other images of herself.

She just shared a clip from her excellent first performance on Instagram. She captioned the photo with, “I’m a mother-ducking winner, baby!” Instantly, she was praised for her groundbreaking performance by the celebrity world and their fans and followers.

Anetra’s Performance At Talent Show

Anetra, the winner of the talent show premiere, really blew away the judges and the audience. Ariana Grande, the celebrity guest judge, couldn’t keep her eyes off her when she sang.

The 16 participants started the new season with a talent presentation in the two-part debut, showcasing their individuality, charm, nerve, and talent.

Although all of the queens displayed exceptional skill, Anetra’s incredible display of voguing and taekwondo truly stood out.

She demonstrated her judo expertise by deftly destroying some boards during the talent presentation. Fans and celebrities gushed over her when she posted footage of her performance on Instagram.

Kesha captioned the image, “God save the queen; she was starving and ate the full breakfast. AND. LUNCH.”

Pangina Heals, video producer William, photographer Aaron Jay Young, Envy Peru, Brooklyn Lynn Hytes, Sasha Colby, Princess Poppy, and Luxx Noir London are just some of the other notables and former contestants on Drag Race who have complimented her online.

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