Don Mattera Passed Away: Find The Death Cause And Orbituary Details Of South African Poet And Author
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Don Mattera, the most well-known poet and author in South Africa, passed away on July 18, 2022, in his hometown of Johannesburg. He was 87 years old.

He was a social activist who frequently expressed opposition to the social ills plaguing our society today.

The 2022 Artfluence Human Rights Award has recently been given to the Poet in recognition of his commitment to advancing human rights and the community.

Don Mattera Death Cause And Obituary

He was consistently regarded as one of South Africa’s most respectable and powerful citizens. He hadn’t been in the best health for a while, which could have contributed to his demise.

His family provided the information and said they would soon issue a formal announcement regarding Don Mattera’s passing.

To protect Mattera’s legacy and allow present and future generations to recognize and value his efforts, the Don Mattera Legacy Foundation was founded in Eldorado Park in January 2020.

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In the spheres of writing, the arts, journalism, and South African independence, he made huge sacrifices on behalf of the categorized coloreds.

Don Mattera Poet Biography

Don Mattera was raised in Sophiatown, a bustling hub of South African culture at the time. In 1935, the poet was born in Western Native Township; today called Westbury.

Italian immigrant Paolo Mattera, Don Mattera’s great-grandfather, married an eastern Cape Xhosa woman. They moved to Johannesburg to be nearer Mattera’s father. At the time, he was considered an Italian. Under apartheid, Don was classified as a colored person.

In South Africa, people of color were denied basic freedoms like the ability to vote, formally repealed in 1990 following a major revolt.

They were taken to the nearby suburbs of Bosmont, Westbury, and Newclare. This group was one of the last to be ejected from Sophiatown by force. Don is adamant that he is Italian and is proud of his heritage.

Don Mattera Wife And Family

The late South African poet’s wife, Maria Mattera, was a true life partner who stood by her husband through every happy and painful moment of his life.

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They reportedly had more than one kid in the family, but Dr. Teddy Mattera is well known in public and the media.

He serves as the chairman of The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation, an organization dedicated to upholding Don Mattera’s legacy and keeping his works and creations alive for future generations.

Don Mattera Followed Muslim Religion

He was reportedly born a Christian but converted to Islam in 1970 because he liked the religion’s principles and culture. After being adopted by his grandparents, Mattera went to a Catholic boarding school in Durban.

He returned to Johannesburg when he was 14 years old and continued his education in Pageview, another apartheid-era area where individuals were once more forcibly transferred in the 1960s.

After being hospitalized for a while in December 2021, his health was not improving. After receiving treatment at the hospital in Johannesburg, his family claimed that he had experienced a small stroke and was now restored to normal health.

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