Don Martindale, the defensive coordinator, is unrelated to Wink Martindale, the game show’s host. The two are just another example of persons with well-known last names.

Wink Martindale was so well-liked in the 1970s because he hosted the game show Gambit. And Wink’s name must be familiar to anyone who grew up in the hosting period.

Because of this, the first person who knew Don’s last name at Defiance College called him Wink.

And for the past 40 years, the New York Giants coach has gone by the name Wink Martindale. Many people even believe he is the son of the Gambit talk show personality, who is still trying to entertain his audience at the age of 88.

Don Martindale And Wink Martindale Relation: Why Is Don Martindale Called Wink?
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Don Martindale And Wink Martindale Relation Details

Don Martindale and Wink Martindale are not blood relatives. And, likely, they have never even interacted.

The New York Giants acquired American football coach Don Martindale earlier this year to serve as their defensive coordinator. The person with extensive knowledge in this area previously worked for the Baltimore Ravens in the same capacity.

Although Don may be mistaken for one of Wink Martindale’s children by some, Wink has just one son, Wink Martindale Jr. Similarly, Wink Martindale was born in Jackson, Tennessee, and Don Martindale’s parents were from Dayton, Ohio.

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Wink Martindale, 88, a veteran game show host, has been involved in the media industry for the past seven decades. And, believe it or not, the older man still uploads videos to his YouTube channel for his devoted followers.

Wink has undoubtedly adapted to the most recent technological advancements. On his YouTube account, the illustrious game show presenter claims 20,000 subscribers. Although Don and Wink Martindale are unrelated and do not even operate in the same industry, they have garnered recognition for their careers.

Real NameWink Martindale
Age88years old

Why Is Don Martindale Called Wink?

Many people refer to Don Martindale as Wink Martindale in affection. During his undergraduate years, he was given the moniker “Wink” in honour of the well-known gameshow host Wink Martindale since they both had the same last name.

As a freshman, Don Martindale was a linebacker for Defiance College in Ohio, and one of his closest friends, Donald Brown, gave him the nickname.

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Donald noticed the name Wink—the host of a famous game show—written across Don’s athletic bag.

He related the story of when Don was first hired as the Baltimore Raven’s defensive coordinator. He has carried the moniker for 40 years, during which time he successfully moved from playing football to coaching NFL clubs.

OccupationTalk show host/ TV personality
ShowsGambit, Tic-Tac-Dough

Wink Martindale Family Details

Wink Martindale and Madelyn Leech were married in 1954, and they have a son named Wink Martindale Jr.

The couple has other children besides their son. The Martindales have three daughters: Lisa, Lynn, and Laura. After 18 years of marriage, Wink Martindale and Madelyn Leech divorced in 1972. On August 2, 1975, the game show host married Sandy, his second wife.

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Wink currently resides in his native Tennessee with the dogs he named after the game shows he has hosted. He has no children from his second marriage.

Wink Martindale’s four children have all kept low profiles, and there isn’t much information online. In contrast to their father, they have decided to live a quiet life.

Wife’s NameSandy Martindale

Some FAQs

Are Don Martindale and Wink Martindale related?

Despite sharing famous last names, Don Martindale and Wink Martindale are not related with e

Who is Wink Martindale’s wife?

Wink Martindale is currently married to Sandy Martindale and was previously married to Madelyn Leech.

Who are Wink Martindale’s children?

Wink Martindale has four children-Wink Martindale Jr, Laura Martindale, Lisa Martindale and Lynn Martindale.

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