Solryth was the warrior in The Witcher Blood Origin who established the elves’ rule over the dwarves. She serves as a positive role model for Merwyn.

The story of Solryth has not yet been incorporated into the universe of The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowsk’s book, or the video games. On the other side, The Witcher: Blood Origin tells various stories about a character absent from the original work.

The character’s creator, Decal de Barra, cited Solryth as the inspiration for the princess of Xin’trea Merwyn rather than exploring the character in-depth.

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Does Solryth Appear In The Witcher Blood Origin?

Solryth, an elf empress in The Witcher’s realm, established the elves’ golden age. In The Witcher Blood Origin, she hails from a strange hypothetical future.

She was never seen in Blood Origin because it takes place in a different time period. The elves’ Golden Age on the continent is credited to the elf empress Solryth.

Before her, some 1500 years ago, the elf empresses came and for long years wiped out the dwarves. She raised the elves’ prominence before humans gained control a thousand years later. Before the elves arrived, the dwarves had ruled the kingdom.

They were known for creating original and unique things, including Monoliths, which eventually served as the inspiration for the instruments in The Witcher and Blood Origin.

After the unrest in her home nation, Solryth managed to make her way to the continent, using sky twin comets as her compass to direct her in a new direction. After she arrived in the new nation, they were given the name Solryth’s Eyes.

Her army and the elven warriors once drove the dwarves from their dominion. A generation of dwarves was destroyed. Because of her brutality, dwarves are few throughout the events of Blood Origin. As a result, the new elven rule became effective.

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Solryth gave the elves art and civilisation by destroying the dwarven way of life in her new realm. But after her passing, Solryth took charge and made changes. Since they had no likely heirs, the continent was split into three kingdoms.

The war had brought poverty and hunger to the kingdoms. In Blood Origin, her brother attempts to end the fighting by forging new links with the opposing kingdoms.

Merwyn and Solryth’s Relation

Merwyn retells Solryth’s story in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Her brother, the new king, tried to bring the three kingdoms together to end the conflict that had raged for a millennium. The princess of Xin’trea’s views are based on this tale.

When her brother enters the apartments in the opening scene of The Witcher: Blood Origin, she appears to be reading the ancient book. She was reading the Solryth Sagas.

She pointed out that the history books in the room repeated themselves and linked Solryth’s tale to the lyrics carved into the walls of Xin’tera. The princess believed she could restore eleven Power to its previous grandeur.

In the first episode, the princess mentioned the two blazing comets that still gleam in Solryth’s eyes as the reason they led her to the continent. She enjoyed telling the kingdom’s elves’ origin stories and explaining the warrior’s place in elven history.

She inspired the Solryth as she defeated the dwarves and spread their culture and art over the land. Merwyn’s motivation in The Witcher: Blood Origin is prodded into disobeying and becoming the new elven race leader.

In addition, the empress wanted to destroy brand-new worlds like Solryth and revive previous elf history.

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