The relationship between Shane Smith and Kristy Woodruff is growing. Shane said it would be impossible for him to date Kristy if his daughter Kayla disapproved of them.

The contestants of “My Mum Your Dad” were on their way to their final dates: Shane, 48, and Kristy, 26. In the most recent dating program to air on Australian television, a single parent brings their child to meet potential partners.

Owner of a construction company Smith made an appearance with his daughter Kayla on the show, and Kristy brought her daughter Milli Woodruff, who is 19 years old.

Kristy, 43, is a confident, incredibly energetic, and successful businesswoman with three children. Shane once married his ex-wife, but they later divorced in 2018. Later, for a total of 11 and 12 years, he dated two different girls.

Despite having been married once, engaged once, and currently single, Kristy is developing a relationship with Shane, Kayla’s father, on the show.

Does Shane From 'My Mum Your Dad' End Up With Kristy?
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Does Shane From ‘My Mum Your Dad’ End Up With Kristy?

Kristy Woodruff and Shane Smith are becoming closer. The relationship’s future depends greatly on Shane’s daughter.

In “My Mum Your Dad,” Shane and Kristy’s relationship could come to an end if Kayla Smith does not approve of it. The last remaining couple went on their final dates in the most recent episode.

From the start, Shane and Kristy had a strong connection. Kristy didn’t want to think about Kayla, though, so she resisted. They are unsure if Shane’s daughter will approve of their bonding.

Even Shane has told Kristy that their relationship will end if her daughter rejects their bonding. As he stated, “Kayla is a strong woman and protective of Shane,” Milli’s mother expressed concern for the future.

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Additionally, Kayla and Kristy had some problems with their ex-boyfriends. She felt under pressure because rejecting her would be fatal. When Kristy met Kayla, Shane assured her that everything had gone without a hitch.

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Are Shane And Kristy Together After The Show

Following Kayla, Shane’s daughter, approving their relationship. The two bonded well right away, and they might end up in a lovely union. Even their first kiss was witnessed on the program as the couple.

Shane claimed that his daughter chooses his dates and is highly protective of him. Kristy, however, believed that his daughter disliked any woman he dated.

Even Milli Woodruff, Kristy’s daughter, is worried about Kayla’s choice. She cherished the bond between Shane and her mother. As a result, Shane and Kristy might enjoy one other’s company as a result of Kayla’s choice.

In addition to Kristy and Shane, Neil and Heath Michelle from “My Mom Your Dad” are still together today.

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