Does Ray Lalonde Have Twin Brother?

Ron Lalonde, Ray’s identical twin, is now in Jeopardy! Audition process. At the University of Toronto, Ron Lalonde defended his dissertation for his doctorate in medical biophysics.

On Wednesday, December 28th, 2022, a new episode of “Jeopardy,” Season 39, featuring three contestants, premiered on the television network.

Toronto’s scenic artist Ray is playing in his eighth game of the competition. The nine-day champion bested Chicago attorney Omakar Bhatt and Troy, Michigan’s retired librarian James Fletcher.

When the game was over, Ray was crowned the 39th season’s 10-day champion and punched his ticket to the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

The fact that he won ten games made him the sixteenth player to do so on the show. He consistently displayed an impressive grasp of American heritage and history.

He’s returning for the eleventh time to save his win against the two new players. This episode will air on Thursday, December 29, 2022.

Winner of Jeopardy! Lalonde revealed during an episode airing on December 19 that he has a twin brother who would also be making an appearance on the show.

He made a snide remark, saying, “There’s a chance you’re going to be seeing this face again and again.” Let’s go a little more into the life of his twin brother.

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Ray’s Twin Brother Ronald Lalonde

Ron Lalonde, Ray’s twin brother, is the Chief Scientific Officer for CTSI Oncology Solutions. Outwardly, Ron seems to be living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, right now.

Dr. Lalonde has vast expertise in cutting-edge radiation therapy’s clinical, industrial, and academic realms. On her LinkedIn page, she claims he was instrumental in developing many advanced radiation therapy methods such as IMRT, IGRT, and robotic radiosurgery.

He has helped launch cutting-edge clinical research initiatives across the pond in the UK, Canada, and the US. In addition, he has worked as a consultant for several institutions providing radiation treatment.

Previous positions he has held include Medical Chief, Physicist, Chair Associate, and Associate professor at UPMC Susquehanna from 2000 to 2002 and Chief Scientific Officer at D3 Radiation Planning from 2006 to 2015.

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Dr. Lalonde earned his doctorate in medical biophysics at the University of Toronto between 1988 and 1993.

He earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science with distinction in applied physics and biophysics from the University of Waterloo.

Aside from that, Ron is married, as seen by his Facebook profile. It is unknown if he is the father of two sons or a daughter. Ray is a family man who loves to think about and be with his kids and wife.

Ray Lalonde’s Siblings, Pat Cottrell And Bob Lalonde

Ray Lalonde, the Jeopardy! Champion has two more brothers, Pat Cottrell and Bob Lalonde, in addition to Ron.

Pat’s Facebook profile, which we can find if we search for “Pat Cottrell,” is home to a rather inactive user. Pamela’s mother, Pat, is a married woman with two kids: a son named Pat and a daughter named Pat.

Meanwhile, little information about their other sibling, Bob, has been shared. However, his Facebook profile under “Bob Lalonde” can be located.

It appears that he has a passion for nature photography because he routinely publishes pictures of birds and other natural occurrences.

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