Among the younger generation, Japanese animated films have grown increasingly popular. If you’re looking for a good one, Haikyuu should be on your list.

The names of the 15 most well-known characters in Haikyuu are as follows: 1. Asahi Azumane 2. Hitoka Yachi 3. Third, Mao Aihara, and eleven more The Japanese cartoon series Haikyuu is extremely popular.

Susumu Mitsunaka helmed the show, while Taku Kishimoto penned the scripts. Haruichi Furudate wrote the original graphic book. Both the literary Haikyuu and the animated film adaptation came out that year.

The film has four distinct parts, each released between 2014 and 2020. Season episodes last for 24 minutes and are dubbed in Japanese.

At the beginning of the anime, a student with the moniker “the small giant” joins the school’s volleyball club to help them win the title.

The film’s critical reception and box office success have been overwhelmingly positive. The film has received generally good reviews, with an average score of 8.7 out of 10. With Shoyo Hinata as the protagonist, Haikyuu has received the Anime Award for Best Boy.

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1. Asahi Azumane

Asahi is a meek and mild young lady who wears her hair in a bun and exudes calm gentleness. Additionally, he has a hard time believing that he is an ace of Karasuno and does not consider himself to be one.

People are hesitant to approach Asahi because he seems much older than he is. Asahi is shown as a character with a fragile psyche, often damaged by others’ words and actions.

He lost a game against Data Tech but still wanted to be recognized as Karasuno’s ace. He felt responsible for the defeat and let himself down.

Asahi was shocked that no one on his squad blamed him for the defeat. Libero, one of his teammates, stated they couldn’t hold it against him if he didn’t score, but they wouldn’t forget if he gave up easily.

He gets suspended for a week despite not showing up to practice because he got into an argument with a teammate and hit a vase in front of the vice principal.

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After that, he stopped trying to prove himself and started returning much more significant than he had originally anticipated, accepting his job as an ace.

Even though he has developed a strong sense of self-assurance, he is constantly criticized by others around him since he does not look like an ace.

He may seem like a menacing cat and have a lot of insecurities, but it appears he will not allow anybody else to take his ace position.

He’s a formidable attacker with the skill to score while facing a wall of defenders. When he gets to high school, he majors in fashion design and eventually graduates to become one.

2. Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka is portrayed as a petite, blonde girl with a vivid imagination and a tendency toward paranoia. There are now two managers for the boy’s volleyball team thanks to her addition.

Imagination causes her to make snap judgments about others based on looks and initial impressions, and she is frequently seen apologizing for this.

In addition, she incorrectly assumes that Hinata is a fangirl of Kiyoko and is out to murder her since he appears shorter than the coach.

Even though she has many admirable traits, she tends to overlook them and downplay her significance and ability.

She takes care of others and makes an effort to brighten their day even if she makes mistakes and gets worried often herself.

She is naturally curious and meticulously records her observations on a notepad. Her mother is a graphic designer, so she picked up the habit of keeping a neat notebook from her.

Due to her mother’s employment as a graphic designer, she is frequently left at home alone. After Kiyoko graduated, she took over as the club’s new leader.

After Kiyoko retires, she takes over as manager. Upon completing high school, she enrolled in college and began working part-time for her mom’s business.

She improves and begins to comprehend the sports; yet, she lacks the requisite skill set but can do everything she learns. Her mother’s connection with Yachi is also depicted in the series.

Their relationship is fraught since Hitoka is expected to take care of the household while her mother is out at work. As a result of her newfound self-assurance, their relationship improved as a whole.

3. Kōshi Sugawara

Kshi Sugawara is a vice-captain, backup setter, and pinch server for the boys’ volleyball team. His comrades see him as a quiet yet unwavering rock of support.

Even though they are unable to play volleyball during their third year of school so that they may focus on their future, he does not give up on the sport. He is of standard height and slim build.

In addition to his light grey hair and hazel brown eyes, he has a mole that was there from birth on his left eye. His whole three-year career had been spent in the sitting position.

Despite his kind nature, he often resorts to violence while teasing his teammates and has even been witnessed slapping them.

He’s always watching the other squad to see how they play the game. He often offers his colleagues tips on improving their performance and winning games.

Despite his talent, he seldom participates in games, so his opponents always try to figure out what to anticipate from him. He is the squad captain and has an exceptionally close relationship with Daichi.

Koshi has faith in his judgment and always sticks up for them. After completing his formal education, Koshi went on to teach elementary school in Miyagi, Japan.

And he and Asahi have been friends since they joined the volleyball club. Even though he puts in a lot of time and effort for the team, he still finds creative methods to express his pride in the group.

4. Mao Aihara

Mao Aihara is a wing spiker and the team ace for the girl’s volleyball squad. She had what seemed like dirty blonde hair, and she wore hers in a ponytail with a fringe on one side all the time.

She has the slimmest physique of any tall girl on her squad. She has a positive connection with Yui Michimiya, and her character traits include friendliness, support, and sass.

She’s a regular sight wearing the No. 2 jersey from her volleyball team. She was rarely seen in anything other than her mandatory Karasuno school uniform.

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She also joined in when Michimiya was trying to boost the self-assurance of others around her. Only when Mao points out the team’s lack of preparation does anybody else pay attention.

Her squad puts in a valiant effort and is inspired by their coach, but they still come up short in the end. Later, Mao would aid the boy’s squad in their quest for a championship by studying their volleyball tactics.

She has a reputation for being rude towards Michimiya and once even informed her that she had a poor vocabulary.

She’s friends with Michimiya and knows her well; she also knows Michimiya has feelings for Daichi. After the match, Mich gave Daichi a victory charm, which pleased Mao.

5. Yui Michimiya

Captain of the volleyball team and all-around hard worker, Yui Michimiya leads by example. She is of standard height and slim build, with lighter brown hair.

Mich is depicted as someone always happy and quick with a quip. She is the squad captain and always motivates her teammates with rousing speeches.

She puts up a brave front in front of her team member but breaks down into tears when alone. She wears the Karasuno girls’ uniform regularly and her jersey to games.

She admits to being in love with Daichi, but she and her team aren’t likely to win the match. And she lets him know that she needs to put it into real practice.

Therefore she needs to be more skilled and proficient. Daichi adds that she needs to take the game seriously and play with the desire to win.

She recalled that he had given him similar advice when they were in middle school, telling him that they should never consider losing the game in their roles as captains.

After venting to Daichi, she’s feeling a lot more confident and excited about the event. Despite all of the preparation and inspiration, her team lost, and she broke down sobbing when she could finally speak candidly with her coach.

Later, she realized how fortunate she was to be in the finals. After Yui retired that year, Rinko took up her position.

Mich began working at a Tokyo hotel shortly after graduating high school, and she does not appear to have altered much physically.

6. Daichi Sawamura

Daichi Sawamura is the captain of the volleyball team and a wing spiker. He is shown as an attentive and reliable leader who prioritizes the welfare of his squad above everything else.

He’s got short, black hair and isn’t any taller than the other players, but he’s got more muscle. He generally has a kind grin, but when he gets upset, his eyes turn all bloodshot and scary.

He becomes unflinchingly harsh whenever a colleague pushes his limits or ignores his advice. However, his teammates respect and fear him precisely because he never has anything but the highest regard for any of them.

Daichi is a high school kid who belies his age by being extremely self-reliant and mature. Despite his apparent maturity, he often acts immaturely by accidentally setting off an alarm.

His unwavering commitment to his team’s success helped them triumph against all odds. After Ikkei Ukai, their coach was hospitalized, the team captain stepped in to lead the squad.

He is the rock of the defence and gets all the tough receptions. Daichi joined the police force after graduating high school and worked in the community safety section.

He and Sugawara are very close and rely on each other professionally and personally. A close friend of Daichi’s, Karasuno, takes great pleasure in taunting him.

7. Ikkei Ukai

Ikkei Ukai is a national champion coach who once guided his boy’s volleyball team to the championship. He’s shown as a grizzled older man with white hair.

The teacher may seem intimidating at first glance, but his kind nature and interest in his pupil’s success belie his gruff exterior. His physique and physical prowess belied his advanced years.

He is depicted as being quite harsh in how he trains his students. Even before Ikkei’s squad, Karasuno was chosen to compete at the national level; they had already become well-known.

Since Nekomata first said that Ikkei’s reception was simple, it’s clear that the two have been at odds with one another ever since.

The two teams’ coaches start off as rivals, but after regularly challenging each other in practice, they become friends.

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After retiring, he takes over as Karasuno’s interim coach, but he faints and ends up in the hospital. According to the doctor, he overexerted himself when he was younger, and his physique is not up to par anymore.

After a while, he ends up back in the hospital, watching sports with a fellow patient and a student. His grandson Keishin filled in for him on-screen when he was hospitalized. Ukai continues to teach volleyball to children, college students, and adults at his Lil’ Tykes facility.

At the moment, his grandson is filling his shoes, but he still consults with his grandpa on important matters since the young man has yet to reach the level of expertise required.

8. Saeko Tanaka

Saeko Tanaka is the elder sibling of Rynosuke Tanaka and a graduate of Karasuno High School. She typically handles responsibility for her younger sibling.

She has a normal height and builds, with honey-blonde hair. Saeko is bold, talkative, and unpretentious. She, too, wears her hair short and sweeps the bands to the side of her face on the right.

Tanaka may not have a passion for learning, but she manages to get into college on her first try. Saeko decides to take up cheering to complement her outgoing and self-assured personality.

Her brother’s friend thought she was very cool, but she made him blush. Typical sibling rivalry manifests between Ryun and Saeko, who interrupts his study session despite his willingness to do so.

She attempts to be a study partner for her brother, but he dismisses her aid, saying she’s just as dumb as he is. She announced one of her brother Tanak’s bouts, much to his embarrassment.

Saeko is currently the captain of a cheering squad and has previously worked at a motorbike shop. She never really got into volleyball, but she learned much about it by watching it.

Yachi, Kageyama, and Hinata are her closest pals in Karasuno High. Despite her outgoing nature, Yachi was always there to drive her to Tokyo, and the two were inseparable once they arrived.

9. Ryūnosuke Tanaka

Volleyball player Rynosuke Tanaka is a sophomore in high school. He is a wing spiker and is considered the future of the squad.

The grey in his eyes is piercing. He has shaved his head. He was thin but yet rather muscular. He matures into a more physically fit, hair-growing individual. He is shown as being offensively outspoken and combative.

Though he’s frequently late to game practices, his teammates appreciate his genuine concern and encouragement. Whenever he gets the point at volleyball, he takes off his shirt and spins it around his head.

He has a stronger mental fortitude than his colleagues, and being blocked or targeted during a block does not affect him.

Despite his struggles, he never gives up and is now the second-best spiker in Karasuno. He and Yu are close friends since they have many similar traits.

He also has a tight relationship with Saeko, his girlfriend’s sister, and the two are fiercely protective of one another despite their many fights.

He has also been with the Karasuno longer than anyone else. After finishing high school, he entered the workforce as a personal trainer.

He eventually proposes to and marries Kiyoko, whom he has long admired. From the minute he laid eyes on her, he was smitten, and he even tried to propose to Kiyo, but she turned him down.

10. Kiyoko Shimizu

The boy’s volleyball squad is managed by Kiyoko Shimizu. Regarding her managerial duties, she takes a very serious and dedicated approach.

Her brown hair is lengthy, and she is of standard height. Kiyo is shown as a beautiful young woman who attracts the interest of several male characters.

She is most often seen in her volleyball outfit, contributing to her reputation as a stunning manager. She washed and repaired the Karasuno flag to encourage the team member.

She cares deeply about the team, yet she is too bashful to give inspirational talks. Soon after, Kiyo joined the group and quickly became the team’s most outspoken member, regularly engaging in lengthy conversations and even joking.

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She joins the squad and immediately shows her strength by sending the ball flying in Yachi’s direction. She participated in hurdle jumping competitions when she was in middle school.

Multiple scars on her leg attest to her penchant for high-flying antics, and she seems to have cut off any communication with the outside world.

Before becoming manager, she had no prior knowledge of volleyball but quickly picked up the rules, regulations, and referee signals by watching.

After high school, she went to work as a sports shop clerk and married Tanaka. After attending the game between the Jackals and the Alders, the pair ran across several other team members. Kiyo eventually comes to terms with her scar, so she no longer bothers to hide it by wearing leggings.

11. Keishin Ukai

Keishin Ukai, a former player for the Karasuno club, is now the team’s coach. A grandson of legendary coach Ikkei, he is an accomplished athlete in his own right.

He has a headband and what seems to be bleached blonde hair. He’s a normal 20-year-old male who smokes, drinks, and engages in casual conversation with a kid concerning alcohol use.

At work, he spent much of his time reading newspapers and shouting at others for bothering him, giving the impression that he was unmotivated and unpleasant.

Despite his poor attitude, he is a fierce competitor, an excellent coach, and a dedicated worker. He attends early morning lessons to make up for the time he spends with the Karasuno squad.

Even though he knows he needs a coach, he initially rejects the offer. Even though he isn’t particularly talented as a player, he coaches the Karasuno squad, much to his grandfather’s amusement.

Together with Takeda, he serves as a cos]ach and counsellor to the team. They value one another and work well together to find a solution.

Also, Kei and Manabu are close, having been friends since high school. They’re teasing each other like old times in the Nekoma practice match.

He also has a tight connection with his grandpa, who gets into physical altercations if the older man fails to fulfil a duty.

Even though he looks up to his grandfather and follows his counsel, he is nonetheless frustrated by the situation. A while later, he’s seen gushing about how pleased he is with his grandchild.

12. Chikara Ennoshita

During volleyball matches, Chikara Ennoshita fills in as a wing spiker. He was already a captain in his third year and had been playing since his second.

Chikara is a quiet guy who likes to keep to himself. He has a soft smile and an ordinary appearance. His work rarely makes headlines and is seldom singled out for praise.

The only second-year student who can handle Tanaka and Nishinoya is him. Chikara can connect with and support a wide range of individuals.

In his third year, he was already a capable leader due to these qualities. He may need more self-assurance and experience, but he is bright and has never had a failing grade, so it’s no surprise he was chosen as captain.

In his first season, he fell behind the rest of the team and began missing games alongside Kinoshita and Narita. He later realized how much the game meant to him, but their coach had to be hospitalized.

The four began referring to themselves as ungrateful second years after that. After graduation, he went into physical therapy instead of getting back together with his high school squad.

He often does it while at work to include sports viewing into his hectic schedule. The comparison between his and Daichi’s competence and ability was frequent.

He, Kinoshita, and Narita have been friends since their first year of college. He has great interpersonal skills and was dubbed “Don of the Second Year” for keeping Tanaka and Nishinoya under control.

To foil his rival’s scheme, Chikara can maintain a steady presence among the squad. This is one of the main considerations in selecting him as captain in his senior year.

13. Ittetsu Takeda

The Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team counts on Ittetsu Takeda, who serves as faculty adviser and head coach. His job is to get the team some practice games and a coach.

He’s shown as having a positive outlook and being a touch awkward. Also, Takeda is very courteous and respectful; he frequently bows to others as a sign of thanks.

He takes his role as a mentor seriously and is always ready with a motivating speech for the squad. Still, he tends to second-guess his words and worry that he is adding to their confusion.

He is the volleyball team’s advisor, yet he knows nothing about the sport. Despite his lack of expertise, he practices diligently for the sake of his student.

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He also helps the student prepare for matches by instructing them on modern Japanese literature. During Karasuno vs Tokonami, it’s clear he was planning to make a speech in which he congratulated the winning player.

He gives up because he thinks high school students won’t be able to follow his complex metaphors. His role with the Karasuno volleyball squad as an advisor has stayed the same.

When Hinata chose to pursue beach volleyball training, he assisted him in doing so in Brazil. Currently, he is the head coach, and Ukai’s grandson is working under him.

Ukai finds the Takeda annoying, but they eventually become good friends. Later, Ukai thanked Takeda for letting him serve as team leader.

14. Shōyō Hinata

The first-year middle blocker for the Karasuno volleyball team is Shy Hinata. Because of his orange hair and little build, he is sometimes categorized as a “middle schooler.”

Shy’s personality may be described as high-spirited and boisterous due to her high energy levels, positive outlook, and propensity for becoming quickly agitated. He can be impulsive at times, but for the most part, he lacks sophistication.

Hinata has excellent observational skills, understands social signs, and feels deeply for the plights of others.

He has a knack for saying the right thing at the right moment to motivate and inspire his team members to perform their best.

Normally, he’s a gregarious extrovert, but he takes things seriously when it comes to volleyball. He’s a fighter who has helped his side win several games.

Because of his inexperience, he used to become scared and have stomach problems whenever he played volleyball. As time goes on, he masters the game and builds up the stamina to deal with increasing difficulty levels.

He puts more emphasis on volleyball than schoolwork, and as a result, he has never achieved a tenth-grade average or above.

His prowess as a player is unquestioned, but he sees himself as someone other than a squad leader. He is the team’s quickest player and relies heavily on his speed and reputation.

After graduating high school, he joined the Japanese men’s national volleyball team. Hinata has the potential to play professionally with Asas So Paulo in the Brazil Super League.

15. Kei Tsukishima

Volleyball player Kei Tsukishima is a freshman at Karasuno. Kei plays a pivotal role in the club as a middle blocker. He has the ideal height and builds for a volleyball player.

Kei is a short, blonde man who is always grinning. The crew finds his haughty demeanour and forthright manner to be irritating.

Despite this, he has a low opinion of himself and considers himself below average. His demeanour suggests he is uninterested in most things and rarely shows any signs of emotion.

Kei is a good-natured, diligent young man who loves the sport of volleyball. He has a good relationship with his elder brother and was always upbeat when they were kids.

His elder brother was a team ace on the volleyball team, and thus he would often watch him train. Soon after starting high school, he joined Yamaguchi on the school’s volleyball squad.

In the Karasuno High vs Ohgiminami High game, he effectively predicted and blocked several Ohgiminami High moves. He is so forthright that he doesn’t hoot whether the squad takes first place in the nation.

Kei continued playing volleyball after graduating high school and is now a middle blocker with the Sendai Frogs. Currently, he’s enrolled in school to work at the Sendai City Museum eventually.

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