Discover The Happy Camper UPTv Movie Cast and Release Date

The Happy Camper cast members James Eckhouse, Beau Wirick, and Daniela Bobadilla. The movie will be released on February 5, 2023.

Another UPtv movie with interesting characters, familial turmoil, humor, and a sweet romance.

Given that it is based on Melody Carlson’s novel and teleplay, the movie is expected to give viewers the perfect February start.

Additionally, when a production company decides to turn a book into a movie, viewers can know straight away that the plot will be a tremendous success.

They still have high hopes for the movie, nevertheless, at the same time.

Numerous works by the multi-award-winning author Carlson have achieved success, including the cherished and all-time best-seller The Christmas Bus.

Additionally, she has contributed to the Diary of a Teenage Girl and TureColors, two periodicals for teenagers.

The Happy Camper
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Discover The Happy Camper UPTv Movie Cast

In the film Happy Camper, real-life couple Daniela Bobadilla and Beau Wirick portray the main roles. The new romance film will feature a heartfelt love narrative.

  • Daniela Bobadilla Potrays Dillon Michaels

In the UPtv love story, Canadian actress Daniela plays Dillon. Her character returns to her grandfather’s property in Colorado after her love life falls apart.

Bobadilla is most known for her role as Goodson in the well-liked FX series Anger Management.

She has also made several appearances in films and television programs, such as the NBC drama Awake and the Lifetime original Lies in Plain Sight.

The actor began acting while she was a Summit Middle School student and later joined the Theatrix Youth Theatre Society.

Later, she had other appearances in plays and musicals like High School Musical, The Wizard of Oz, and Fiddler on the Roof.

She started attending TV and movie auditions while still enrolled at Heritage Woods Secondary School.

  • Beau Wirick Potrays Jordan Atwood

American actor Wirick plays the attractive hardware store owner Jordan in the movie The Happy Camper.

In addition, he is Daniela, the Anger Management actress.

He became well-known for playing Sean Donahue in the American sitcom The Middle. He also had small roles in the TV shows Drake & Josh, The Office, NCIS, Jack & Bobby, 7th Heaven, and Arrested Development.

Wirick played Julian Crane in a flashback scene. He married Bobadilla, a castmate from The Middle, in 2018.

  • James Eckhouse Potrays Alexander Michaels

In the upcoming movie, Eckhouse, an Illinois native from Chicago, plays Dillon’s grandfather Alexander.

In the film, Dillon visits her granddad in Colorado and meets a charming shop owner there.

He attracted a lot of recognition for his role as Jim Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210. He also directed three episodes of a teen drama.

She had small parts in movies like Fatal Attraction, Cocktail, Big, and Trading Places before she got the part of Walsh.

  • Gigi Orsillo Potrays Janelle Atwood

Orsillo was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was reared on a set by parents who worked in the entertainment business.

She first appeared in front of the camera when she was 2.5 years old.

Even as a young child, she kept appearing in several TV series, advertisements, and music videos. Her major on-screen appearances include Gamer Nation, Fragment, and That’s So Raven (all from 2004 to 2005).

Where Was The Happy Camper Filmed?

The majority of The Happy Camper was filmed in Colorado, a gorgeous place. The landscape of this western state is very different. There are dry deserts, river canyons, and the Rocky Mountains, which are covered in snow.

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When Dillon receives a call from her mother, Margot Michaels (Jenna Hawkins), with whom she has a rocky relationship, she is astonished and bewildered by her long-term partner’s actions.

She then returns to her grandfather’s (Eckhouse) property to have a great time before taking a road trip to Colorado.

When Dillon arrives in Silverdale, he encounters Jordan, a former second-grade classmate. When he sees her, Grandpa is overjoyed.

Synopsis and plot summary for The Happy Camper

In The Happy Camper, it’s all about finding love when we least expect it. Also discussed is the meaning of the idiom “Home is the place to mend.”

Dillon leaves her unfulfilling job and her failing love life behind to help her ailing grandfather on his little farm in Oregon. While she makes her way back to her grandfather’s property, she has the same notion in mind as she does so.

She learns that her eccentric mother has moved into her old room, making her spend numerous nights on a sagging sofa.

She immediately finds a use for it and starts fixing the trailer. During this process, she encounters Jordan, the owner of the nearby hardware store.

Viewers will discover how they fall in love with one another as the narrative develops.

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