Discover Steps To Make A Horse Saddle In Minecraft: How To Tame And Mount The Horse?

How Do I Create A Horse Saddle In Minecraft? Below is a list of the steps for making a horse saddle in Minecraft.

Since the global launch of Minecraft more than ten years ago, the pattern has remained the same.

You are taken to the expansive world of Minecraft by the sandbox game, where you are free to explore and create anything you want. It’s a fantastic open-world game because you can construct everything from massive skyscrapers and homes to mountains and floating bases.

The developers’ constant efforts to provide new features, experiences and improvements keep users interested in the game. Right now, horseback riding is among the game’s most exciting features.

In addition to the horse itself, a horse saddle is also required in order to ride one. You place this object on the back of a horse before mounting and riding it.

Since you need a saddle to enjoy riding a horse, many individuals are seeking for a technique to construct a harness. If you’re one of them and are trying to create a saddle or are having difficulties taming your wild animal, we’ve got you covered.

Horse Saddle
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Discover Steps To Make A Horse Saddle In Minecraft

You can fish, trade, or open boxes in Minecraft to find horse saddles. However, you can no longer win the game.

Because Mojang’s developers removed it from the game, making the saddle in a furnace or on a crafting table is no longer possible. However, a horse’s saddle is still present.

The horse saddle must be found because it can no longer be created in the most recent versions of Minecraft. To ride a horse, the harness can be found and used in a number of ways.

In the Nether Fortress, a dungeon, while fishing, or by haggling with a leatherworker, you can find the saddle by opening boxes there. There is even another way to gain the item by cheating. Here is a comprehensive user guide for each of them.

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In a Chest in a Dungeon

Opening chests in a dungeon is one of the finest ways to get a horse saddle because the possibilities are really good.

This requires locating a subterranean dungeon with a monster spawner and other significant artifacts. These frequently measure the same as a room. Usually, you can find a dungeon by going underground or by switching to spectator mode.

The dungeon may contain one or perhaps two boxes, which you must open in order to receive the saddle. In a dungeon’s chest, there is a 28.3% chance of discovering a harness, according to Alphr. It is highly likely, so if you’re lucky, you might succeed in finding one right away.

The item can also be discovered in numerous chests in the hamlet, desert temple, final city, other locations, and subterranean areas.

In Nether Fortress

The best place to find a saddle is the Nether Fortress. Finding one has a 35.3% chance of happening.

A place called Nether Fortress looks like a castle. One can go to the Fortress in the Underworld by opening the nether portal. You must first construct the gateway that will transport you to both the Overworld and the Nether if you have never traveled to the Nether before.

You must search the interior of the castle-like structure for a treasure chest. Most likely, the package contains a saddle for a horse.


The process of fishing takes more time, but you might eventually find the saddle.

There is a 0.8% chance that you will come across a horse saddle when fishing. Therefore, steer clear of utilizing this tactic unless you fish frequently and love it. But that’s the way it goes.

After launching your fishing rod into the water, you must be patient. Getting a saddle is like getting a fish because bubbles come at you in both scenarios.

When they get close to you, you have to reel the fishing line; if you’re lucky, a harness will be in your inventory.

Trading With Leatherworkers

Finding a horse saddle via trading with leatherworkers at the master level is a great idea.

Trading with leatherworkers, according to Alphr, yields a guaranteed transaction in the Java edition and a 50% chance of discovering a saddle in the Bedrock edition. Six emeralds are required as payment for the trade to be completed.

Therefore, it seems that this route is the most efficient if you can find the villages and have the emeralds.

Spawning Using Commands

If you don’t mind lying and using shady tactics, it seems that spawning a horse saddle is the easier option.

You may get as many saddles as you want by entering a simple command in your chat box, according to Aplhr. The proper usage is to give saddle. This method only functions if you let players use cheats.

You can keep using the earlier method to get the item because switching will probably ruin your sense of exploration and adventure. By supplying the unit quantity in the command, you can generate more than one saddle if you don’t mind.

How To Tame And Mount The Horse?

Once you’ve found the saddle, the following stage is to tame the horse so you can ride it. To ride, you must have both a horse and a harness.

When you find it, though, you must first tame it because it is a wild animal. Only then may you on the horse. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to tame the animal and ride it. The act of taming an animal involves bringing it under your control.

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Find A Horse

You must first find the horse in order to tame it.

You can look for the horses in the Plains biome. Even if you are unable to find the horse, you can still spawn it by utilizing a cheat code or spawn egg.

Taming The Horse

Once you’ve found the horse, it’s time to tame it. You can do this by attempting to mount the animal multiple times.

You must first locate an empty space in the hot bar because installing it requires using your hands. Then you try to climb it and keep getting knocked off until it eventually lets you ascend.

Right-clicking on the horse is the standard instruction. Depending on the game version, there are many ways to control the horse’s ascent. This is true for Java, Windows 10, and PC or Mac Education editions.

See these instructions for information on other regularly used editions.

  • On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller, press the LT button.
  • In the Pocket Edition (PE), place your cursor over the horse and select Mount.
  • On the PS3 and PS4 controller, press the L2 button.
  • To use the Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.

If you attempt to climb the horse while using these controls, it will buck you off. However, you must keep doing it repeatedly. With each exertion, it will enable you to stay on it longer.

Red hearts will eventually sprout all around the horse once it has been completely tamed. Once you’ve tamed the horse, you can ride it, but you’ll need the saddle you found by using the earlier techniques to mount it.

Put Saddle On The Horse

You can mount the horse with the saddle by pointing at it and bringing up your inventory.

When you point your inventory in its general direction or even after you’ve climbed it, both your inventory menu and the horse’s menu should open. After that, you must transfer the saddle from your inventory to the horse menu where it is displayed as an outline.

Once the item has been successfully added to the animal’s menu, the saddle is placed on the horse. In addition, if your horse has a saddle slot, you can place armor on it there.

Mount And Ride

You’ve secured the harness, so it’s time to climb and ride the beast.

The same buttons are used for both mounting and taming the horse. Do you remember how the horse would kick you off each time you tried to mount it before you could eventually manage it?

If you use the same control to right-click on the horse or perform other essential activities, the horse won’t brush you off this time. The same keys or commands you used to walk can be used to drive the horse in any direction after you’ve climbed it.

Getting Off From The Horse

You will exit it once you have been riding it for a time. Depending on the game’s edition, the horse’s controls change.

To use the left shift key, stop the animal first on a PC or Mac with Java, Windows 10, or Education versions. Please see this brief manual for information on other editions.

  • On the Xbox controller for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the Right Stick (RS).
  • On the Pocket Edition, press the Center button (crouch/sneak button) twice.
  • Press the Right Stick on the Nintendo Switch controller to begin (RS).
  • On the PS3 and PS4 controller, press the Right Stick (RS).

Now that we have properly tamed the horse, we may choose a saddler and ride it. Finally, remember that making the saddle no longer makes sense to do on the table or in the furnace.

Because the designer eliminated the option, you will have to rely on chance in order to find the harness while roaming the sizable region.

However, going to the mentioned locations or using the suggested ways will considerably improve your chances of finding it. The last stages required to ride the best horse over the plains of the Minecraft universe are finding the equine and taming it.

You can feel the wind on your face while playing if you adhere to these guidelines.

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