Birdsall House and the surrounding East York countryside were used as filming sites for Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop. It was shot while the epidemic was at its peak.

The film follows a professor with an insatiable curiosity for paranormal and terrifying occurrences. His extended family has asked him to investigate supernatural occurrences at their antique business.

Elizabeth Willoughby, the protagonist of the film, becomes interested in investigating paranormal activity after inheriting the family estate, which she spent her childhood studying history and literature.

She offers to help her friend investigate the apparitions and mysterious occurrences at the bookstore in exchange for an end to Helen’s mental anguish.

The film’s title gives audiences a hint as to what they may expect from it. However, the movie gets a traditional British spin thanks to the characters’ over-the-top lifestyles.

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Where Was Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop Filmed?

Production for Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop took place in York’s Northside. Old brick houses may be seen in the film, and they are stunning. The majority of the film was shot on Birdsall’s stunning property.

Following its appearance in the horror thriller film, the venue has attracted many visitors, from those attending weddings to those looking for a new filming site.

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The hotel’s Facebook page expressed pleasure in playing host to the film’s A-list cast and crew, including Nathalie Cox and Kelsey Grammer.

Since the film is also about Willoughby and the family has lived on the site for hundreds of years, they find it hard to believe that the filming took place there was a mere coincidence.

What Is Birdsall?

The mansion of Birdsall may be found in the English county of North Yorkshire. Weddings, parties, art tours, and even movies have been filmed there.

It was initially built in the 1600s, but in 1749 a second story was added, and it was rebuilt. The Willoughby family has lived in this manor for many decades.

There are many things to do and see in the region, including mountain biking and clay pigeon shooting. Numerous weddings and other festivities have been held there by Britons from all across the country.

Most notably, it was used as a location in the film My Dad’s Christmas Date. The 2020 covid epidemic coincided with the filming of other movies, such as Father Christmas is Back.

One of the films, Miss Willoughby, was the first to begin production in the UK under the new pandemic standards and was also the first to complete production.

The Movie Was Interrupted By COVID

The film’s production began weeks before the devastating spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. In the middle of March 2020, work on the film was halted because of the pandemic.

It was groundbreaking because it was one of the earliest independent films that followed all of the UK’s legal requirements. There was always a supervisor on site to ensure the actors followed all the rules.

Actor Kelsey Grammer has stated that despite difficulties, the cast and crew worked diligently to create a film that audiences would adore, and he recommends that everyone see it with their loved ones.

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Nathalie and Kelsey, who play the leads, rushed here from the United States to keep filming despite the political unrest.

Several well-known names in the entertainment industry were involved in the film’s production and distribution: Highfield Grange Studios, Goldfinch Entertainment, and MSR media.

Audiences praised the story’s surprising turns, chameleonic performances, and an array of exciting scenarios.

After the ghost of a long-dead family member begins appearing at the bookshop, the story follows the protagonist as he explores these eerie occurrences.

Know More About The Movie

The screenplay for Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop was written by Philippe Martinez, Kate Wood, and Chad Law, and Brad Watson directed the film.

Casts Of Miss Willoughby And The Haunted Bookshop

Miss Willoughby, played by Nathalie Cox
Robert Windsor (Kelsey Grammer): Kelsey Grammer
Louise Bangay plays Helen Deakin.

Cast as Diana Branson, Tara Fitzgerald
Released as Oliver Deakin, Steven Elder plays the role.
Caroline Quentin plays Sarah Clarkson.
Nicholas Jones plays Professor Vernon Murray.
A. Wayne Gordon as Detective Pryce Bhavna Limbachia as Dr. Gaya Shirani
Playing the role of Charles Vaines is Marc Bannerman.
Young Miss Willoughby, portrayed by Scarlett Graham
Young Robert Windsor, described by Giacomo Gex
Roland’s Ghost (Bryan Samson)

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