The Toffolo sisters, Georgia and Oonagh, are not related. Oonagh is not one of Georgia’s illustrious ancestors.

The British TV personality goes by the moniker “Toff” in the media and is a regular on the E4 reality show Made in Chelsea.

She spent the holidays with her family in the West Country and documented portions of the trip on social media.

True enough, the 28-year-old woman was having a blast in the montage of her day’s events that she posted online. Many people were crammed into the small house, and plenty of gifts were waiting to be opened.

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How Are Georgia Toffolo And Oonagh Toffolo Related?

Other than sharing a surname, Georgia Toffolo and Oonagh Toffolo is unrelated. Both Georgia and Oonagh have careers in show business.

Like the famous media figure, Oonagh was born in the United Kingdom and raised in 1930s rural Ireland. At 16, having learned how to cure others from her father, she enrolled in nursing school.

To follow her dream, she went to India and worked with Mother Teresa. She was a skilled midwife because of her knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

She was the first to institute the now-standard six-week period of postpartum care and support for moms. Her most famous role, though, was her romance with Princess Diana.

She immediately recognized the woman’s emotional distress and blamed untreated postpartum depression.

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In addition, she wrote the remarkable book The Voice Of Silence, which recounts her experience in only a few hundred words.

But her younger self is starting with a new paradigm and a clean slate. The 93-year-old has spent her life caring for others, while the TV star has been preoccupied with advancing her profession.

A lifelong learner, the author picked up a wide range of skills over the years while Toffolo abandoned her legal studies for a stint on reality television.

Georgia’s Parents: More About Them

Georgia devotes a lot of time to her parents, Gary Bennet and Nicola Toffolo since she values her family history.

She can always count on the pair to have her back and embrace her with open arms whenever something terrible happens. She celebrates every Christmas with her family, even the one in 2022.

As they had separated when she was just five years old, they were never legally married, but they remained civil and put their issues aside for the sake of their children.

Georgia’s Father, Gary Bennet

Gary Bennet, Georgia’s dad, used to own a garage called Lair Logistics. However, he has now been forced to close the business to pay his bills.

He is a modest man who takes pride in his work. The 57-year-old is reportedly a low-key rag-and-bone guy from Torquay, Devon.

Using his vehicle, he drives through neighbourhoods collecting scrap metal to sell for profit. Additionally, he also owns and manages commercial real estate.

When he was done remodelling, the once-cheap apartment’s worth had increased by four times to ¬£200,000.

Despite not having a lot of money, he never made any excuses for not being able to afford a private school for his daughter Georgia.

Despite her father’s best efforts to motivate her, she did not complete her degree. He thinks it’s because she became enamoured with this social circle after exposure to the rich environment.

Georgia’s Mother, Nicola

The mother of Georgia, Nicola, has moved on from her recent breakup and is reportedly seeing Bernard Jones. The amusement arcade entrepreneur, 65, is the ideal partner for the driven woman.

She had previously been married to Jeffrey Hewett, the company’s top executive, despite being four years his senior. The couple, however, recently divorced.

Image Source: Daily Mail

She has had several high-profile romances, but she has always been financially independent because of her successful property management company.

As seen on the red carpet at the Mamma Mia! premiere, the woman is Georgia’s plus one to red carpet events. The Eventim Hammersmith Apollo in London hosted Here We Go Again.

Georgia’s Brother, Toni Toffolo

Georgia is the youngest of two children, and her parents and older brother, Toni Toffolo, are both very loving people.

He spends his time fishing rather than seeking attention like the other Toffolos. As a professional fishing guide, his life goal was to reel in and release one of every kind of fish.

He’s got a vacation fishing guide for the River Ebro in Spain that features catfish and carp. They arrange their schedules around the needs of their guests, promising 18 hours of fishing beginning at 6 a.m.

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