Everyone, from common people to the largest superstars, has shown interest in getting a tattoo.

Different psychological impacts of tattoos exist; some people get them to be trendy. People get tattoos to express who they are and what makes them unique. Thus, personal motives and self-expression come first.

People get tattoos worldwide to draw attention from others around them.

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Johnny Depp

American actor Johnny Depp has been in numerous movies and television shows. Among them, his portrayal of Jack Sparrow is one of the most well-known.

He has received numerous tattoos since the start of his career since he has always loved getting inked.

These are the tattoos he received to recall his time with his mother and kid. Johnny also originally had the name Winona tattooed on his body, which he later altered to Wino Forever after they broke up.

David Beckham

David has a passionate following worldwide due to his involvement with the England national team, and he claims that he is Manchester United’s best player.

On his physique, he has multiple tattoos. He had a roman numeral tattoo of the day he and his wife, Victoria Beckham, wed applied to his wrist in 2006.

To show his love for his wife, Victoria, he got her name in Sanskrit tattooed on his left wrist.

He gets tattoos to communicate his emotions; he also has many tattoos that have deeper meanings and express his intentions for the person he loves.

Lionel Messi

In the soccer world, Lionel Messi is regarded as a deity. An Argentinean footballer has had an outstanding career and has placed first in every competition he has entered aside from the World Cup.

Over the years, Lionel has had more than fifteen tattoos placed on him. The peace in Lotus’s palm has already been inked as he makes a peace sign.

He also got a tattoo of his wife’s name and the same crown that Messi and Antonella both have on their hands on his left hand.

He also has other tattoos, each of which has a deep meaning and stands for something different. These include Number 10, the Antonella Eye, and the Rose Window.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, one of the most popular singers, has more than 55 tattoos.

Tattoos are Grande’s addiction. She has had tattoos for a very long period and uses them to represent ideas that are very important to her. She has a lot fewer tattoos, but they all have deep meanings.

The majority of the ink on her arms is the one you should keep in mind. Behind her ears, she also has a few tattoos. She has an extensive collection of tattoos.

She had many of these inked on her body to symbolize her rise to popularity, her love of music, and the name her grandfather gave her. 2014 saw the completion of her first moon tattoo.

She also had the word “Baby Doll” tattooed on her middle finger. She also received a tattoo with the name of her ex-boyfriend, which she later changed and covered with a heart.

She also has a lot of other tattoos, which are particularly obvious on her Instagram posts.

Virat Kohli

For his beloved country, Virat Kohli has always given everything. He was one of the most well-known Indian cricketers, and his career statistics from the previous year were outstanding.

As a devotee of the Hindu god Lord Shiva, Virat had a tattoo of the Hindu god showing him on the Kailash Prabhat, a Tibetan peak said to be his home and place of meditation.

On his body, he has eleven tattoos, each depicting a significant turning point in his formative years. He doesn’t only have one tattoo on himself.

He also has a monastery tattoo, and the majority of the gods shown there demonstrate how devoutly spiritual he is.

His affection for his parents, Prem Kohli and Saroj Kohli is symbolized via tattoos on both arms. On his left arm is a tattoo of the first cap number from his ODI debut.

Justin Bieber

With his song “Baby Baby,” Canadian singer and pop artist Justin Bieber rose to fame very young.

Bieber has always expressed his ideas and life story through tattoos. He designed his first tattoo when he was sixteen years old. On his body, he has more than 60 distinct tattoos.

He has a cross tattoo, which stands for Christianity, by the side of his right eye. He got the tattoo as a representation of his faith in Jesus. He also had a giant cross, a fashionable symbol, done in the middle of his chest and the cross that was inked just next to his eye.

The name “Trust in Angels” is well known to all his supporters. On his torso, he has a significant war scenario with skeletons tattooed. In 2013, he got a Psalm verse tattooed on his back.

Travis Scott

American rapper Travis Scott, real name Jacques Webster, has amusing skills. He is regarded as one of this generation’s most gifted and highest-paid rappers.

Scott has over 30 tattoos on his body and has a great love for getting them. His tattoos are unique; some have secret meanings or exciting nuances.

He got a tattoo of a monkey wearing headphones and listening to Celtic Cross on his torso.

Below the left monkey, he has another tattoo that shows the moon. He also has a pow pattern on his right arm, an anchor near his left ear, a tiger on his neck, and a lips design on his right upper arm.

Travis has a butterfly inked on his ankle as well. Travis signed this document with the assistance of his wife, Kylie Jenner. Before starting his Astro world tour, he got several tribal tattoos engraved onto his head.

Emilia Clarke

The most well-known British actress is Emilia Clarke, who gained fame for playing Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

She received a Dragons tattoo on her wrist due to the show’s tremendous success, in which she played the lead character. In 2018, she had a tattoo on her wrist by well-known artist Dr. Woo. She shared the picture on Instagram.

She was inspired to get inked and utilize her tattoo to represent the position of a dragon mother because she was portrayed as the mother of three dragons in her role as Daenerys, which was cherished by millions of fans worldwide. She continued by stating how important the tattoo was to her.

She also has a tattoo of the role she played in the movie Me Before You on her left hand, done by the same tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

Harry Styles

Harry sang with other singers in the band One Direction’s successful songs, which helped Styles acquire recognition worldwide.

He made his acting debut in a movie and has played music in many different genres. On his body, he has more than sixty tattoos. Some of them, according to Harry, are among the worst and stupidest tattoos he has ever gotten.

Additionally, he has a tattoo that shows the day his parents were born.

On his chest, he has a tattoo that reads, “Smile Now, Cry Later,” and has the design of an empty bird cage.

Several of his tattoos are hidden. One of the masks was attached to a fern leaf, such as it might have been.

Angel Di Maria

Di Maria is a right-winger for the French League team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and a professional football player from Argentina.

Maria has served as a representative for several of the most illustrious football clubs in history. Among the teams he has represented are Real Madrid, Benfica, Manchester United, and PSG. He keeps on playing football.

Each tattoo on his body has a deep meaning. For him, a particular tattoo—the roman numeral XXII with a clock on its side—holds great significance. The watch reflects his tenure as a player for a Spanish club, while the roman numeral 22 designates his jersey number as a Real Madrid player.

Viewers may see the Manchester United jersey number 7, a rose tattoo, and symbols for different tattoos on his left hand.

On December 25, Di Maria had his most recent tattoo placed on his leg after defeating France in a penalty shootout to win the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Selena Gomez

American singer Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, and has worked in various Hollywood industries.

Among the several professions in which Gomez has made her debut are music, acting, and songwriting. She has won numerous significant honors.

She has more than fifteen tattoos on her body, one of which is the Rare title tattoo on her neck.

She is spiritual. Therefore she got a tattoo that represents faith in God. She has a tattoo of a semicolon on her wrist that shows how much effort the cast put into the play.

She also has a tattoo of her best friend, Courtney Lopez, on her rib cage. On her calf, wrist, and thigh, you can see a few other tattoos in the images she publishes on Instagram.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the most well-known American actress, filmmaker, and representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

On June 4, 1975, Jolie was born in the United States. She has been a working actor since 1982.

For her work as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees special envoy, she has also gained some of the most notable esteem.

She has multiple tattoos on her body, including that of one of her ex-husbands and the areas where two of her children were born, which she got after getting the tattoo of her second husband, Billy Bob, removed.

She has a dragon tattooed directly below the coordinates. She also donated a tattoo that bears the name of her adoptive son Maddox and is a Buddhist spell.

One of her numerous tattoos on her back shows the four continents and the elements of fire, water, and earth.

She has a tattoo of a Bengal Tiger that measures 12 inches long. In 2005, she received a tattoo that represented the culture of Cambodia.

LeBron James

American professional basketball player LeBron James, sometimes known as King James, has amassed the most Instagram followers of any athlete.

James has consistently indicated a desire for tattoos and has produced more than twenty works of body art. He has tattoos all over his body, each with a special meaning.

He has several tattoos that represent his start in the workforce. One of his tattoos, the phrase “Witness,” was inked on his body in 2006. When Nike unveiled a campaign with the same name, he had this phrase tattooed on his body.

He also has a tattoo depicting the 2010 Rookie of the Year award. The body is tattooed with history.

After appearing on the sports-illustrated cover, he chose to get inked to portray his mark as a headline as The Chosen One. “I made headlines in 2002” was written all over his body.

On his breast, he also has a tattoo of a lion that alludes to the Lion of Saint Mark. His birth year is tattooed on his left shoulder as an additional means of self-identification.

Post Malone

Austin Richard Post, better known as Post Malone, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Those unfamiliar with Malone’s voice will always remember him for the tattoos on his face. He said that he has roughly 70 tattoos when talking about them. Post has multiple tattoos, but his hair hides them. The tattoos become apparent as he turns bald.

He has meaningless tattoos all over his body and has gotten over 70 because they are trendy, and he wants to be a part of the tattoo culture.

Most of his followers were familiar with him in 2011 before he had even gotten one tattoo on his body. The man started getting tattoos after he established his career, which is a ridiculous move on his behalf.

His tattoos were even more useless because he got several of them after getting hooked on drugs. His supporters also criticized the fact that he altered his appearance to mimic another character.

The majority of his followers need to understand what his tattoos mean, even though he looks great with them all. He might only be aware of the symbolism and meaning behind his tattoos.

Levine, Adam

American singer Adam Levine was born on March 18, 1979. He has a significant global fan following.

Although Levine is most recognized for his singing, he also plays guitar, writes songs, and sings lead for the pop-rock group Maroon 5.

His ink is one of the most frequently searched tattoo topics on Google. More than thirty tattoos adorn his torso. His body is completely covered with tattoos, giving him a fantastic and beautiful appearance. His body is covered in tattoos, each of which has a unique meaning and a story to tell.

He inscribed the word “beginning” on his forearm as a reminder. On his left hand, Adam also has a guitar tattoo that depicts the world’s music and a singer’s addiction to their favorite instrument.

As an animal enthusiast, he has a tattoo of a paw on his right back to represent his love of animals. He got the tattoo in a poignant tribute to his late pet dog, Frankie Girl.

He has the Sanskrit word TAPAS, which means “Meditation Through Penance,” tattooed just over his left chest. He has tattoos in memory of those who perished in the 9/11 tragedy.

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