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You can learn more about Dirtybiology and the charges leveled against him in this article. He reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers in October 2017, three years after launching his channel.

He has risen significantly since June 2021 and is now the 73rd YouTuber in the same region. In addition, he is the fourth most popular French YouTuber in the science and technology category.

At the time, his channel had 1.2 million subscribers and 76.7 million views, averaging 864,490 views per video. Animations for various episodes are created with the help of his brother Colas and the other COLAS BIM channel authors.

Dirtybiology, A YouTuber: Who Is He?

Leo Grasset, also known as Dirtybiology on YouTube, is well-known. He is also an accomplished web videographer and a published novelist.

In June 2014, he traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, with his brother Colas, a 4-year-old illustrator, to launch their YouTube channel, DirtyBiology. He especially likes Thailand because of its low cost of living.

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He then uses his computer to deliver a humorous and entertaining biology lecture in room 8. Finally, he decides to pursue a job based on his online activities.

Leo took part in brief awareness-raising and instructional film about the arms trade with Amnesty International 13 in May 2017.

Accusations Against Lisa Leo Grasset

In June 2022, Mediapart published the statements of several female videographers, one of whom admitted to raping a woman while intoxicated in 2016.

Seven more people accused him of machism, having issues with the concept of consent, and wielding power in intimate relationships.

Léo Grasset had received no official complaints when the Mediapart article was published. Léo Grasset, on the other hand, claims in a social media post that he “totally opposes the charges relayed against him” and that the situation is “at the entire disposal of the legal authority.”

Twitter And Reddit Reaction to Dirtybiology aka Lisa Leo 

The Youtuber’s reaction to the allegations is not featured in any response videos. We can, however, assume that he was taken aback.

Following the publication of the Médiapart story, many YouTubers vented their displeasure on social media. For example, Marie Lopez, best known for her YouTube channel “Enjoyhoenix,” responded, “It’s difficult to find the words.”

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“Support for victims,” said Romain Monté of the “Linguistica” channel in response. He claimed that in April 2020, he “confronted” Léo Grasset.

How Much Is Dirtybiology Net Worth?

DirtyBiology’s estimated net worth ranges from $60.9 thousand to $126.5 thousand, and they typically earn between $312 and $1,973 per video.

The number of monthly views, the country, subscriptions, and user participation are all used to calculate net worth. Based on these factors, DirtyBiology’s YouTube channel could generate revenue between $337 and $2.1k per month.

Because full-time employment in the videography industry pays so little, he uses traditional monetization, but he rejects contracts and opposes the use of covert advertisements. Since 2015, crowdfunding has also been a source of income.

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