Diego Sebastian

According to reports, Diego Sebastian Radio was detained after allegedly stealing more than $10,000 in cash. The theft was carried out by the American Airlines passenger when he was flying from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Miami.

The man also grabbed two credit cards from the two travellers seated next to him, in addition to their other items.Diego Sebastian was detained for alleged theft as American Airlines Flight 900 touched down at Miami International Airport on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

Let’s read the article below to learn more specifics about the situation.

Diego Sebastian Radio American Airlines Flier Case

According to accounts, during the nine-and-a-half-hour journey, Diego repeatedly wandered up and down the airplane’s stairs, and members of the flight crew reportedly informed investigators that they had seen Diego’s strange behavior.

According to reports, the man was also observed carrying a woman’s pocketbook while sitting for a considerable amount of time in a set that was not his to begin with. Diego was reported to local authorities because of the crew’s suspicions about his actions.


Later, CBP investigators showed up at the flight’s arrival gate at the Miami airport to conduct interviews with the suspect, the victims, and any passengers who had seen any of the theft-related behavior.

When the police checked Radio’s backpack, they discovered $10,732 in US dollars, 14,320 Argentine pesos, and roughly $110. In addition to this, they apparently found two cards with the names of one of the victims on them. The man’s wallet and passport folder were also discovered by CBP inside the backpack.

What Happened To Diego Sebastian In The Custody?

One of the victims revealed upon questioning that roughly $10,022 in US dollars and 13,800 Argentine pesos had been taken from their wallets. Another victim said that her two credit cards, cash, and wallet had all been stolen.

Diego Sebastian was arrested and accused of stealing by the authorities. Let’s discuss another event that occurred in June of this year.


After American Airlines falsely accused him of the claimed theft, a man by the name of Michael Lowe sued the company.

Michael was unaware of the accusation for 14 months after the May 2020 complaint by the airline. When the police arrived at his home to arrest him for a crime he had never even heard of, he learned about it.

He was innocent, yet he was imprisoned for 17 days. Following his release from custody, Michael brought a claim against the airlines. Follow our website to acquire the most recent news and other updates.

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