Did Lynette Romero Changed Her Diet For Weight Loss?

I can’t believe how much weight Lynette Romero has lost in such a short time. Lynette Romero had shed more than 70 pounds.

Lynette, a journalist and Emmy winner, started at KNBC in September 2022 and quickly got used to working there.

She joined the channel after working for KTLA, a competing station, for 24 years. Fans and the media were shocked by her unexpected departure from her long-time workplace, and the news spread like wildfire.

Fans speculated that the anchor could have had a falling out with her former job, but she ultimately revealed that she was doing well and discussing her next steps.

She’s off to a fantastic start in her new work. She has seen a transformation both in her outward look and physical health, and the public has witnessed both.

She isn’t trying to hide that she has lost significant weight since a few years ago, but she appears healthier and smaller now.

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How Has Lynette Romero’s Weight Loss Journey Been?

Lynette Romero had shed more than 31 kilos (more than 70 pounds). She lost weight by using intermittent fasting and making some monitored dietary adjustments.

Romero’s physical appearance has changed, as seen in before and after pictures. From what I can see, the reporter gained a bit of weight between her 2014 photo and her current one, taken at a film festival.

There are images and videos of the woman from as recently as 2019 in which she already appears overweight.

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The opposite is true, as new photos show that she has lost weight and appears much healthier. Lynette has shed almost 70 pounds to achieve this and plans to continue.

The anchor has been mum about the specifics of her fitness and nutrition regimen. Still, according to reliable sources, most of her impressive results have come from her regular fasting.

However, in addition to her typical diet and exercise, the woman engaged in several extra activities to shed the excess weight.

Her Instagram bio encourages her followers to tune in to @lynetteromero on IGTV to see the progress she’s making in her physical fitness.

Lynette Romero Is Currently Working As A Reporter At KNBC

After working as a reporter at KTLA, Lynette Romero joined NBC4 to co-host the morning show Today in LA.

Her debut on the new platform occurred on October 10, 2022, after she joined the California-based television station in September.

She is a frequent co-host of Today in LA with Adrian Arambulo, Belen De Leon, and Robin Winston, airing weekdays from 4 am to 7 am.

She established her credibility and fame at KTLA before moving to NBC. She started with the TV station in 1998 and stayed until 2022, an entire quarter century.

KTLA’s statement on the matter framed the woman’s departure as voluntary due to her preferences, even though the business had hoped she would remain.

In 1988, she became a reporter and anchored for KUSA-TV, where she began her career in journalism. After ten years, she decided to switch gears and go to Los Angeles, where KTLA is situated. Despite spending her whole life in Colorado, she moved to California for more promising chances.

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