When did Gloom decide to stop uploading videos to YouTube, and why? Because of her psychological issues, Gloom decided to leave YouTube.

Gloom left YouTube with one final video posting. Over 11 months have passed since her last update, and it will have been a full year in a few days.

Formerly, she shared many videos of her reactions to games and other things online. On January 1, 2022, she declared that she would pause her YouTube videos for a while.

Canadian-born Kassie Isabelle, better known by her online handle Gloom, was reared in the United States. Her dad’s a successful businessman.

Therefore she grew up in a comfortable environment. She was one of three children. Her lifelong dream was to become an actress, so she enrolled in a private school in Canada.

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Why Did Gloom Quit YouTube?

Canadian YouTuber “Gloom” decided to leave the platform 11 months ago. On January 11, Gloom said in a video that she was leaving YouTube to get some much-needed relaxation.

Keeping that in mind, one would wonder why Gloom stopped uploading videos to YouTube 11 months ago. Eight million people have seen the video she posted on her channel, which is still accessible.

The state of her physical and emotional well-being is the primary motivation for Gloom’s hiatus from her YouTube account.

She revealed in the video that she was afraid a lump she discovered in her breast was cancer. Kassie’s anxiousness caused her to run to the emergency room.

She shared with the audience that the prevalence of breast cancer in her family was a major source of anxiety for her.

In the video, she discusses everything that happened to her in the hospital, down to the tests she was given.

A mammography and an ultrasound both came back negative, ruling out the possibility of breast cancer. The physician diagnosed a breast cyst and recommended more testing.

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She found this to be fairly comforting news. However, she did say she plans to see her family doctor for follow-up care.

The situation made her anxious, so she decided to take a break from her social media accounts. She said that in 2021 she worked so much that she was completely exhausted.

Even though Gloom has friends and family she can look up to, she has been feeling uninspired recently, she said in a video.

She has been neglecting herself and has concluded that she must once again make herself her first concern.

She said she’d return there in a month or two, but it’s been over 11 months since then. Kassie has been active on her other social media, and her followers have understood her need for privacy.

What Is Gloom Doing Now?

Canadian YouTuber Gloom is known for his extensive video game-related material. For the past eleven months, she has avoided YouTube because of her illness.

Kassie, popularly known as Gloom, began posting vlogs to YouTube under the name “CloudyApples” in 2011.

Last but not least, in 2015, she started a third YouTube channel under the name “Gloom,” on which she previously uploaded several gaming and commentary videos.

The channel included several films covering various topics, from pranks to challenges to collaborations.
In addition, she has appeared in adventure games like Sally Face, where she gained 500 thousand of views.

She also works with other YouTubers she labels “Besties,” like Azzy Land, Bijuu Mike, LaurenzSide, and Kubz Scout. She has 7.37 million YouTube subscribers.

Therefore her return is imminently anticipated. On the other hand, Gloom continued to work for many companies and post on Instagram even when he wasn’t actively doing so.

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