Gloom left YouTube, but why? Because of her mental illness, Gloom left YouTube.

The final YouTube video that Gloom posted before she stopped was. She hasn’t posted in 11 months, and it will soon be a whole year.

She previously posted a lot of gaming-related content and other reaction videos. She announced that she would be pausing her YouTube uploads in January 2022.

Gloom, a persona used by Kassie Isabelle on social media, was born and raised in Canada.

Her father is a successful businessman, and she hails from a stable family. She was raised alongside her two siblings.

She went to one of Canada’s private schools for her education. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be an actress.

Did Gloom Quit YouTube?: Where Is She Now?
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Did Gloom Quit YouTube?

Canadian YouTuber Gloom left the platform 11 months ago. On January 11, Gloom published a video announcing that she was quitting YouTube and needed some rest.

This raises the question of why Gloom left YouTube 11 months ago. With roughly 8 million views, the video she published is still accessible on her channel.

Gloom’s physical and mental health issues are the main cause of her hiatus from her YouTube channel.

She claimed in the video that she discovered a lump in her breast and was concerned it might be breast cancer. Because she was experiencing terror, Kassie hurried to the ER.

She admitted to the audience that she was quite frightened by the fact that breast cancer runs in her family. She discusses all the hospital-related situations and the tests she was given in the video.

She was found free of breast cancer after an ultrasound and mammography were performed. She was informed by the doctor that further testing was necessary because it was only a breast cyst.

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She said the news was somewhat reassuring but said she would contact a family doctor for more examinations. She felt tension from the circumstance and needed a break from social media.

In 2021, she said, she worked hard to the brink of burnout. Gloom admitted in her video that she lacks motivation despite being surrounded by peers and friends she can truly look up to.

She realized she had not been properly caring for herself and needed to refocus on herself. She said she would return in a month or so, but it has been about 11 months since then.

The admirers of Kassie respect the area she occupies on her other social media channels, where she has posted frequently.

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Where Is Gloom Now?

A Canadian YouTuber named Gloom used to produce a lot of gaming-related content. Due to her health, she has been absent from YouTube for 11 months.

Gloom’s creator Kassie began her YouTube career in 2011 with an account called “CloudyApples,” where she posted various vlogs.

In 2015, she finally started a second YouTube channel called “Gloom,” where she posted numerous gaming and commentary videos.

The channel also featured other videos, including pranks, challenges, teamwork, and many others.

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Additionally, she has participated in adventure games like Sally Face, which garnered 500K views. She also works with other YouTubers she refers to as her “YouTube Besties,” including Azzy Land, Bijuu Mike, LaurenzSide, and Kubz Scout.

She has 7.37 million YouTube subscribers right now, and it’s anticipated that she will return shortly. While on vacation, The Gloom continued to work for several brands and was active on Instagram.

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