ClownPierce keeps hinting at a prospective face reveal to admirers, but he still needs to show who he is. It appears that ClownPierce is in his 20s.

Many of ClownPierce’s phoney face reveal films have been uploaded online by his supporters. In one of his facial reveals, which went popular on social media, one of his staff members admitted to being ClownPierce.

He has a robust frame and is pretty tall. He carried his plastic sword a lot, especially while wearing a mask. Remember that if you meet a man who fits this description, he is a well-known YouTuber and Minecraft player.

Did ClownPierce Reveal His Face?
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Was ClownPierce’s Face Revealed?

There is numerous authorized ClownPierce face reveal videos online. ClownPierce has never made an official announcement about it on his profile.

All his videos published by someone else and revealing his face are phoney. He still wears a clown mask when he attends gatherings.

One of the faces revealed by AntVenomX shows him as a man in his 20s with medium-length hair and green eyes. After a year, some individuals continued to hold this belief while hastily denying it to others.

One of the followers said you couldn’t just take a random face from Google and claim it’s ClownPierce’s face. Another person said, “I’ve already seen that face 10 billion times on Google.”

The hair did not match up, as was promptly pointed out by another participant. Even though he is concealing himself behind a mask and displaying a plastic knife in public, his hair is still noticeable and differs from the hair in the face reveal video.

On July 17, a different Twitter user named PrinceZam posted a video about the official reveal of ClownPierce’s face. A fair man with pink highlights in his hair confesses in the video that he is Clown Pierce and enjoys playing Minecraft.

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We can hear someone laughing at his confession at the very conclusion of the video. He is not the Cloiwnpierce, as we can attest; instead, he is a member of his team.

On his Twitter, Clownpierce has a video pinned of him moving around. In that video, the man posing as ClownPierce and the real YouTuber were both seen wearing masks and walking along the hallway.

So, he has not yet performed a face reveal. When he is ready, he may soon expose his face.

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ClownPierce Is A Twitch Streamer

ClownPierce is a Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer with 539K subscribers. According to ParrotX2, ClownPierce is regarded as one of the top Minecraft PvP players with a YouTube following.

He is a member of the LifeSteal SMP, a Content Creator Minecraft server with a feature that lets users steal hearts from one another.

He is currently dating a 19-year-old with the online alias PaigeThePigeon, who is not very well-known online. Once or twice a month, he uploads to YouTube and occasionally streams on Twitch.

He occasionally streams games other than Minecraft, such as Elden Ring. He started playing on AJTHEBOLD’s public server, then took part in many events and eventually made PvP films to become a gaming YouTuber.

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On August 9, 2021, he joined Lifesteal SMP and started posting videos there. He joined TeamSeas SMP and Money SMP after gaining many subscribers from the videos on the SMP above.

Additionally, he has 22.5K followers on Twitter, where he can be found. He is managed by McManagementLS. He often reposts videos of himself that his fans have posted to show their support for him.

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