Popular American YouTuber Alex Dorame and Johnnie Guilbert ended their relationship. 

Alex Dorame, a well-known YouTuber and performer, also publishes videos and challenges for her channel on YouNow. However, when Alex originally launched her channel, she began vlogging alone.

Since then, she has regularly urged friends to follow suit. Her ex-boyfriend Johnnie was a YouTube subscriber to the My Digital Escape channel.

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To Find Out Did Alex Dorame Breakup With Her Boyfriend Johnnie Guilbert? Continue reading the article.

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Did Alex Dorame Breakup With Her Boyfriend Johnnie Guilbert?

Yes, Johnnie Guilbert and Alex Dorame’s marriage ended in 2019.

They started dating in 2014. They were a cute emo pair that appeared to genuinely love one another. They produced a well-liked kissing film in 2015, and in response, they produced a reaction video.

They garnered a considerable following because they were enjoyable to watch as they developed love relationships. Their devoted followers refer to them by their endearing ship name, Johlex, which the couple independently came up with.

After “My Digital Escape” crashed on May 14, 2016, he left the house he shared with Bryan Stars. Then he and Alex bought an apartment. He and Alex did go for Australia in conjunction with it in October 2014.

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But in 2019, the pair began to drift apart for an unspecified reason. This incredible piece of information astounded their admirers, and many Reddit users had their own thoughts.

One user in particular alleged that the union was unhealthy. Johnny shared a video on his Instagram profile explaining the reasons why he and his ex-girlfriend split up while using a filter.

They became friends since Johnnie was Bryan’s merchandiser at the time. He was a member of the defunct collaboration channel “Our World Away.”

They appeared to be genuinely in love, thus they didn’t seem to be masking their feelings from others. Their brief five-year relationship was short-lived, contrary to the supporters’ expectations for a marriage proposal and an engagement.

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Meet YouTuber Alex Dorame

Alexandria Dorame is another name for the American YouTuber Alex Dorame. Her conception took place on March 25, 1988. She is a 24-year-old woman.

She was born in Tucson, Arizona, in the USA. She is a resident of the US. She had the confidence to launch her own YouTube channel in 2014, which helped her become more well-known.

Currently, she has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers. She has also contributed significantly to the My Digital Escape channel.

Regardless of whether she might have received payment for her work on this channel. Social media is helping her become more well-known and wealthy, thus her net worth must be growing daily.

Her net wealth is also being looked into. She streams on Twitch and has more than 5.2k followers on her main account. She also appeared in some of her ex-boyfriend Johnnie’s music videos.

She is well-known on the network and has over 26.7k followers. In December 2013, she began using Twitter, and as of right now, she has 214.3k followers.

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She adores getting inked, and she has numerous tattoos on her body. On her arm, she has the very first ink. She then had a few additional little tattoos done, including moon and flower designs, on her arm.

She seems to like and only have the newest tattoos on her thighs. She has a wonderful tattoo of a ghost and corpse couple on her leg. She also has other tattoos, including one of a woman on her biceps.

Given how well it fits her persona, it is obvious that she would be a fervent supporter of body alteration. Her ex-boyfriend lived with his mother, brother, and sister as a child in a house in San Jose, California.

On December 7, 2010, his father passed away from cancer. His sadness had just just started at this point. Due to his dyslexia and the teasing he experienced for wearing differently from the other kids, he had trouble in school.

After the passing of his father, he attended treatment for more than four years, going three days each week. His weight used to be a constant source of concern for the therapists since they believed he was far too skinny.

He spent a week at each of three different facilities, one of which he considered to be hazardous and out of control. Johnnie struggled with suicide thoughts during the course of these four years, but he persisted and eventually overcame them.

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