Diana Petrenko Biography, Nazi Flag & Net Worth

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At a boxing tournament in Hungary, Diana Petrenko, a Cherkasy athlete, carried the Azov regiment banner and backed Ukrainian soldiers protecting Mariupol.

A female was declared vice-champion and awarded a silver medal in the same event. However, she was eventually ordered to lower the flag by the tournament organizers.

In the Russian-controlled area, Mariupol’s defenders are being held captive. 

Ukraine is in the process of reuniting brave warriors with their nation.

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Diana Petrenko Biography Details

Diana Petrenko is a pro-boxer well-known in the community for raising the Azov Regiment’s flag in the lag, which valiantly defended Mariupol from Russian occupation.

She is also the proud owner of a silver medal from the Bornemissza-2022 International Boxing Tournament, which she won in second place.

Petrenko was awarded vice-champion for up to 50 kilograms at the end of the competition on Saturday.

Did Diana Petrenko Show Nazi Flag?

Diana Petrenko came in second place in a boxing competition held in Hungary. At the prize ceremony, she unfurled the Azov flag.

During the award ceremony, according to RIA Novosti, she unfurled the Ukrainian flag with the coat of arms of the “Azov” regiment.

According to the clip, Petrenkova folded the flag and continued to carry it in her hands when a woman approached her many times.

According to Russian media, the woman is one of the tournament’s supervisors, and she allegedly advised the young boxer to take down the flag.

The unit was established in 2014, following the success of “Maidan.” According to Russian media, extremist nationalists, including neo-Nazis from outside Russia, joined Azov. “Azov” is one of the reportedly anti-terrorist “nationalist battalions” that fought in Donbas (ATO).

In 2015, Russia filed a criminal complaint against “Azov” battalion soldiers, accusing them of kidnapping, torture, and using prohibited weapons and combat practices.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Disciplinary Committee fined Russian gymnast Ivan Kuljak a year in May for displaying the letter “Z” on his uniform at the medal ceremony at the World Championships in Doha, according to RIA Novosti.

Surprisingly, the unit was established in 2014, following “Maidan.” Then, according to Russian media, extremist nationalists, including neo-Nazis from outside Russia, joined Azov.

Diana Petrenko Net Worth: Find Her Earnings

Diana Petrenko appears to have a sizable net worth as a professional athlete.

Her skills may have advanced beyond horizons, resulting in sufficient earnings, as she is observed competing in international events.

Her other sources of income are currently unknown to the public, but as she gains fame and history, she will become well-known.

She uses the pseudonym @d.petrenko, which is kept private, on Instagram. Unfortunately, her luxurious lifestyle could not be investigated due to her reclusive nature.

Furthermore, she may become publicly available with her growing fan and follower base.

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