Ariel Heinzman and Brooke from Bridezillas are no longer dating. Ariel and Brooke were wed up until 2015.

The couples featured on Bridezillas before getting hitched. Viewers believed the couple’s marriage would not last after watching the show. It also happened soon after their impending divorce, which they had debated for some time.

Ariel And Brooke
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Details Related To Ariel And Brooke

Ariel and Brooke are no longer dating, according to Bridezillas. The couple no longer lives together despite having two children together.

According to Brooke’s relationship status on Facebook, Heinzman and Brooke had split up. She ceased discussing her marriage on social media, and the couple also parted ways in 2015. She also cited a speaker who advocated for loving oneself and rejecting others who don’t see one’s worth.

She recently lived there and was spotted having fun with her two kids. In one of her posts, she declared that she would never trade her kids for anything.

Viewers assumed that their marriage would last only a short while since the pair appeared on the show.

Everyone realized after a year that they did not get along. People discussed DTQ’s prediction that their marriage would not last long, even on her social media pages.

Who Were Ariel and Brooke From Bridezillas?

Ariel and Brooke made cameos on the American reality series Bridezillas on WE tv.

The wedding ceremony was slated to occur in December 2012. She had also visited Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to browse bridesmaids’ attire. However, the couple’s wedding was when they first appeared on the reality show.

A different drama on the show featured the couple. They even fought while enjoying their combined celebration because she thought her lover didn’t support her.

During her shared bachelorette party, she loses her cool when she thinks her future husband supports three girls. The rival believed her big day was uninteresting because it didn’t live up to her friends’ expectations.

She heard Brooke tell her to stop yelling, so she started crying to get attention. He asserted that she is three times as boisterous as other people. The bride questioned his desire to marry her despite his support for her. After the argument, she simply departed the gathering.

The show also featured the scene where Ariel required her mother’s help since she was short on cash. She asked for a replacement even though her phone card had already expired.

She also had the embarrassing experience of not acquiring a $65.00 set of nails from the nail shop.

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