Parents Etieno Ekiko and Marissa Bane welcomed Desmond to Richmond, Indiana. Alongside his sister Anna, Desmond grew up.

When Desmond was 13 years old, his Abuja-based father abandoned him. He moved in with Marissa and lived with his aunt and uncle until he was two.

He moved in with his grandfather when he was one year old. Bane plays for the Memphis Grizzles in the NBA as a professional basketball player.

He won the Big 12 newcomer of the week award while playing collegiate basketball for the TCU Horned Frogs. As a rookie, he scored nine points for TCU against Georgia Tech in the NIT final.

Desmond led Memphis in scoring in 2022 with 34 points in a first-round NBA playoff loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 4.

Desmond Bane's Parents, Family Background, Siblings, And Family Life

Story Of Desmond Bane’s Childhood

When Desmond Bane was born, his parents, Etieno Ekiko and Marissa Bane were both 18 years old. Etienne abandoned Marrisa and their kids alone.

Desmond claimed his mother was a novice mother because she had only been a teenager when his father departed. The three frequently moved and lived with their aunts and uncles when their father abandoned them.

Desmond resides in Indianapolis with his great-grandparents, his mother, and their daughters, Jaylin and Ariyah Wright. During the holidays, he meets Marissa, and he communicates with Etieno frequently.

Etieno Ekiko Is An Entrepreneur

A Nigerian businessman named Etieno Ekiki runs Damuze Ventures as its CEO. He was born in Uya Oro, Nigeria, on August 31, 1980. He is of African descent and holds Nigerian citizenship.

Ekiko works for Nusaed as a senior business development manager. In 2012, he also performed work for Zefa Investment Limited.

Imo Ekiko, his brother, is a senior business application specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria, and according to his Facebook account, he is engaged right now.

Basketball Loves Marissa Bane

On May 24, 1980, in the United States, Marissa was born. Marissa Bane, the mother of Desmond Bane, lives in Indianapolis with a new partner, Terrill Haley.

She and Terrill were married on December 8, 2013. Despite living in Indianapolis, Marissa always encourages and supports her kids as they work toward their objectives.

She relishes spending time with her kids and traveling to new places. In Memphis, Tennessee, Marissa celebrated the start of 2023 with her daughter and son.


On her social media accounts, she has shared a lot of photos of them. Her Facebook handle is @Marissa Bane, and her Instagram handle is @marissa Chantal1980 (Marissa Bane).

Meet The Desmond Bane Siblings

Anna Bane, Ariyah Tanae Wright, and Jaylyn Wright are the three sisters of Desmond Bane. He is close with his siblings, and they frequently spend time together.

Anna Bane

Anna Bane, the eldest sister of Desmond Bane, received a psychology degree from Colorado State University. She shared her brother’s passion for basketball and soccer. She and his brother have a close relationship.

On June 26, 2018, Anna posted a message on her Instagram account wishing Desmond a happy birthday: “To my little friend, happy 20th birthday! I cherish you.

Continue to make everyone proud. Big dawg, big things are coming.”In Colorado, she resided with her grandma Sandy Bane. She loves going on adventures with her pals and visiting new places.

On May 31, 2022, Anna vacationed in Destin, Florida. Her Facebook username is @Anna Bane, and her Instagram username is @banetrain 11.

Ariyah Tanae Wright

Living in Richmond, Indiana, is Ariyah. She attended middle school at Test. Alaia Ri’lynn Saylor, the daughter she had with her husband, Chance Saylor, was born on April 22, 2022.

Ariyah spent time with her family, husband, and kids. Her Facebook handle is @Ariyah Wright, and her Instagram handle is @ariyah.wright.

Jylyn Wright

Victoria’s Secret sales worker Jaylyn Wright. She studied pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. She also had a job at Finish Line as a sales representative. Her sisters and friends are her favorite people to hang out with.

On February 5, 2021, she changed the forever caption on her Facebook cover photo of her mother, sisters, and herself. Jaylyn has the handle @Jaylyn Wright on Facebook, and her Instagram handle is @vollyball jaylyn11.

More About The Desmond Family

Bob and Fabbie Bane, Desmond Bane’s great-grandparents, were where he spent his formative years. He was Bob Bane’s childhood teammate in baseball.


His great-grandfather once served as his coach. Bob assisted him in making all the right choices while he was a student at the Seton Catholic school.

After one year of high school baseball, he switched his attention to basketball in the eighth grade. In New Mexico, his great-grandmother Fabbie was raised.

Imo, Ekiko, his uncle, and he gets along well. On November 18, 2022, he uploaded a photo of himself and his uncle along with the comment “Still Standing Tall.”

Tatum Talley is the girlfriend of Desmond Bane. Tatum instructs yoga and fitness classes. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Christian University. Arts in Communication and Media Studies.

Armani Jordan Bane is the name of Bane’s other child. On February 8, 2022, Talley posted on Facebook that she and Desmond were expecting a child.

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