27-year-old vocalist Denzel Himself has been making music since he was 17.

Denzel Himself is a British rapper, music producer, and songwriter from England. He is based in London. In 2019, he released his debut album, “Gotha,” and in 2020, “MTV.” His debut Extended Play, Gotha Vault’17, and second EP, Baphomet James, were both released in 2017 and 2018.

The rapper created a superb combo for himself when he blended several genes into one. Because he has found the perfect blend of gothic, hardcore, and hip-hop, he has admirers all across the country and the world.

So far, he has created all of his music for the CDs and the visuals that go along with them, which he also directed. Since his debut, he is also a former filmmaker who has pushed the boundaries of music videos and plans to do so in the future.

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Let’s learn more about Denzel and get detailed information about his age, Wikipedia, real name, and net worth.

What is Denzel’s age? His Wikipedia Bio

Denzel will be 27 years old by the year 2022. Unfortunately, he is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

In 2018, he was 23 years old when he discussed his upcoming musical endeavor with Collectible Dry.

He hasn’t yet publicly posted his date of birth to protect his birthday’s privacy. Additionally, he doesn’t share any images or videos from his birthday celebration with his online followers.

It is challenging for the rapper’s fans and followers to give him birthday wishes because he has never revealed his actual birthdate in a public forum online. He might receive birthday messages from his close friends and family members every year. His zodiac sign is also unavailable.

The rapper has been in the music industry for eleven years and started writing and producing his music when he was just 17 years old.

Denzel Himself
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Even though Denzel was born and raised in a London suburb, not much is known about his formative years.

Age27 Years Old
Based InLondon

What is Denzel’s real name?

Fans of Denzel have not yet been informed of his real name.

The rapper is better known by his fans and followers as Denzel Himself, and only a small number of people may be familiar with him by his real name, outside of his family and close friends.

His stage name, Denzel Himself, alludes to his depth of understanding and his talent for merging several musical genres to produce beautiful songs. He has gone by the name Denzel Himself since starting his career.

The rapper is often referred to as “Dilla’s brain in Manson’s skull” and Denzel Himself.

Denzel Himself Net Worth in 2022

Because Denzel has not published his financial information, it isn’t easy to ascertain his substantial assets and income.

The fact that he has a well-known musical background suggests that he is worth about $1 million. But the rapper hasn’t yet revealed his actual net worth online. He also keeps his work earnings a secret from his followers online.

The rapper makes his songs, releases them on his own label, and has the potential to make a good living off of the sales of his albums and music.

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Unlike other rappers, Denzel does not flaunt fame or fortune on his social media platforms. Instead, he appears to have a simple life free of extravagances and frills.

However, the artist appears to have some gold-colored metal in his teeth. He employs numerous strategies to display his wealth.

Net Worth$1 Million

Where Is Denzel Himself From? His Whereabouts

Denzel Himself, a British rapper, is a native of London. As a result, he has been profoundly influenced by the hip-hop culture and music of London, where he grew up since he was a small child.

However, he chose to develop his musical style rather than imitate those already familiar in his region.

He has told his followers where he is from, but he doesn’t talk about his background or early years. He has withheld many things from his admirers regarding information about his private life.

Denzel, pursuing a rapper and musician career, is still in London and hasn’t left his city. The rappers SLIM, Madix, and Lancey Foux, are a few others from London.

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