JR Smith played basketball for the New Orleans Hornets and Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

While still a senior at Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in New Jersey, Smith had basketball eligibility. Three daughters were born to JR Smith during his two partnerships.

He has three daughters with his wife Jewel Harris and a daughter from a previous relationship. Demi Smith is one of JR and Jewel’s three daughters.

Demi Smith
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How Old Is Demi Smith? Her Age

One of the most adored celebrity children is Jr. Smith’s eldest daughter, Demi, who the NBA player chooses to spend the majority of his time with.

Everyone is in awe of her breathtaking beauty since she always steals the show. She is brave and speaks up in front of others at the age of 13.

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She has an intense love for music, and both her family and her TikTok followers admire her. Her parents mostly post pictures of her on her private Instagram account, despite the fact that she has one.

The Smith family’s oldest child seems to be a quite endearing youngster who seems at comfortable in front of the camera.

Meet Demi Smith Siblings

Demi Smith has always loved being a star, despite being the oldest child of renowned basketball player Jr. Smith, and not just because of the sarcastic interview he gave her.

She has been nurtured by her mother Jewel as her own child since birth, making her one of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s favorite children. Recently, she and her siblings have also spent time with her father while he is relaxing.

The Smith sisters are Peyton and Dakota, with Demi being the eldest, Peyton being the second, and Dakota being the youngest.

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Since she enjoys writing songs and has a significant following there, Demi is active on her TikTok account.

Famous parents Jr. Smith and Jewel worried a lot about Dakota for a few months, while keeping a close eye on Dakota with the help of medical professionals. In the end, they were able to get Dakota back to her house.

The couple announced Dakota’s arrival in January 2017 and she was born five months early. They told their viewers this at the time in a video and appeared to be quite worried about their daughter.

Demi Smith Parents: A Trip To Miami With Her Parents For A Vacation

The Cleveland Cavaliers player flew to Miami for the weekend last Friday with his wife Jewel, his three kids, Peyton, Demi, and Dakota, after having a difficult season both on and off the court.

Dakota, who was less than a pound at birth, was traveling with the family, so this wasn’t your average vacation. The newest Smith family member has conquered impossibly difficult obstacles and relishes every step.

Demi Smith Describing Her Father

When J.R. saw his daughter’s response on ESPN’s SportsCenter, he almost passed out from laughter. Shooting guard for the Cavaliers couldn’t help but chuckle as “Kanye” shrugged and remarked, “That’s my daughter.”

Think of it as a Father’s Day present early. If J.R. J.R. can help the Cavaliers defeat the Warriors in Game 7 in Oakland, he might be able to buy himself a Father’s Day gift. A championship victory would be suitable for Father’s Day, wouldn’t it?

LeBron James’ 41 points helped the Cleveland Cavaliers overcome the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 115-101, and Little Demi was happy for her father and grateful that he didn’t turn to his troubled past and try to get kicked off the team.

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