Emily Kempf, Jason Balla, and Eric McGrady are the three members of the indie rock band DEHD.

Kempf and Balla, members of the band DEHD, were formerly indie rock bands headquartered in Chicago. Kempf played bass for Vail’s solo act Lala Lala, and Balla provided the guitar and vocals for the group Ne-Hi.

Kempf and Balla formed the band DEHD in 2015, with Eric McGrady playing the drums.

The band’s distinctive vocal style, emphasized by reverb-heavy guitar, harsh percussion, and odd voices, includes drawls, call-and-response, yelping, and a lot of counter-melody.

Balla named Cocteau Twins, Cate Le Bon, and Broadcast as musical influences, and Kempf added Dolly Parton, James Brown, and Roy Orbison as examples of musicians who shaped their taste in music.

The group’s five studio albums are Dehd, Water, Flower of Devotion, Flower of Devotion remixed, and Blue Skies.

Pale Blue Eyes, a musical trio, was previously discussed. In addition, DEHD is a three-piece rock group that is also well-known.

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DEHD Band Wikipedia: Meet The Members

The musicians DEHD are Jason Balla, Eric McGrady, and Emily Kempf. They have gained a following and won over many people with their music.

  • Amelia Kempf

Emily Kempf, an indie rock musician, hails from Atlanta.

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Her mother used to write but is now a painter. Her parents, who have been married for 38 years and are still very much in love, gave her a great upbringing along with her sister and brother. The siblings also read a lot of books while spending most of their time playing outside.

Kempf has been sober and working to overcome her drinking problems. She first tasted alcohol when she was a freshman in high school at 15.

She frequently drowned herself in alcohol, but after passing out one day, things turned serious, and she started to think about being serious. She was helped by music to rehabilitate.

But she had an existential crisis when she was 30, leading her to stop making music.

She started her career in a different field and obtained employment, but it was short-lived due to her suicidal ideas. She decided to pursue music again, even though it meant incurring debt due to realizing how much she genuinely loved art and music.

She had had a love relationship with Kempf’s bandmate Jason Balla, but they later broke up and remained friends.

  • Justin Balla

Justin Balla grew up in a suburb of Chicago. In junior high, he tried playing bass but didn’t sound good until a friend handed him tapes of the experimental group Cap’n Jazz.

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Because of Joan of Arc, he developed a passion for music, and after receiving a huge CD collection from his father’s friend, he learnt about the band. Balla thinks that while words are crucial when writing lyrics, the melody and mood of the chords provide more emotion to the song.

In an interview with Bazzerviews, he stated that his objectives for the future are to make the best songs and produce the best sound.

  • Eric McGrady
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McGrady is a Georgia native. He initially encountered Balla when playing with his band NE-HI in a DIY setting. After that, they started interacting with one another. He plays the drums for the ensemble.

After Kempf and Balla broke up, he kept the band together, and the other band members appreciated his sound and support.

Explore Net Worth And Earnings Of DEHD

The estimated net worth of DEHD is around $100,000.

However, neither the band nor any other dependable sources have provided information regarding their exact earnings.

The band is succeeding musically and is raising its profile every day. They plan to do their North American tour in September and October.

They recently released Blue Skies, their fourth studio album, on May 27, 2022. The album’s 13 songs include Control, Bad Love, Bop, Clear, Hold, Memories, Window, Palomino, Waterfall, Dream On, Empty in My Mind, Stars, and No Difference.

The songs on the band’s most recent album, which also bears the same name, give them a new sense of direction.

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