DeAndre Hopkins Brother: Marcus Greenlee Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents And Ethnicity

Most of DeAndre Hopkins’ early years were spent with his brother Marcus Greenlee, an American football player.

The two brothers had happy memories of participating in football games in their first high school years. The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver is ready to play again after missing six games due to a PED suspension.

After testing positive for substances that enhance performance, Hopkins will be suspended for the first six games of the 2022 NFL season.

“I don’t now use any vitamins, and I never have. I don’t take many vitamins, “Hopkins stated following the positive test results.

The wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals is perhaps the team’s most crucial offensive component, second only to quarterback Kyler Murray. DeAndre Hopkins, a native of Clemson, is scheduled to play against the New Orleans Saints after serving a six-game NFL suspension.

With him back on the club, will the Cardinals improve upon their dismal start to the upcoming NFL season? Time will only tell.

DeAndre Hopkins Brother: Marcus Greenlee Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents And Ethnicity
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Marcus Greenlee Bio And Wikipedia Details

DeAndre Hopkins, an NFL star, has three siblings. Marcus Greenlee is one of his brothers, and two of his sisters.

The 30-year-old Cardinals wide receiver has two sisters and a brother in addition to his parents. All three of his siblings are athletes, and he comes from a sporting background. His two siblings, Kesha and Marcus, were born due to his mother’s previous relationship.

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His older sister Kesha Smith attended Southern Wesleyan University and received her degree there. She moved to Houston in 2014, and since then, she has been a tight end with the Houston Energy of the Independent Women’s Football League and a basketball coach.

Similarly, Shanterria Cobb, his younger sister, is also involved in basketball and plays basketball at Texas Southern University; she signed a letter of intent to attend that institution in the spring of 2016. At Daniel High School, she was selected three times to the all-region basketball team at D.W.


Marcus Greenlee Age Details

DeAndre Hopkins, Marcus Greenlee’s half-brother, is about the same age. Hopkins is a 30-year-old man. Even while not much is known about Greenlee and his early life, they appear to be the same age and have a strong likeness in appearance and age.

Even though Marcus and DeAndre are siblings from different fathers, an inexperienced eye may easily mistake them for identical twins. Unfortunately, when they first see them, many people automatically assume this.

Another apparent similarity between the two of them is their disparity in height. Marcus’ height is still a mystery, but many think the two brothers are about the same height. So Marcus must be roughly the same height as Hopkins, a star of the National Football League, at 6 feet and 1 inch (185 cm), or a little shorter.

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He and his sister Kesha Smith were born to Sabrina Greenlee and an unnamed man through their relationship. Later, Hopkins’ mother wed Harris Steve Hopkins, who sadly passed away when he was just about five years old. When Marcus was ten years old, his mother was a chemical attack victim. While Sabrina Greenlee was on the ground, Savannah Grant attacked her with a boiling solution of lye and bleach.

Around a fourth of Greenlee’s body was burned. Her attacker was sentenced to 20 years in jail after being found guilty of assault and battery with the intent to kill. She has been imprisoned or otherwise housed in a correctional facility since 2003. Because of what happened, Marcus’ mother is now completely blind and unable to see anything.

Marcus Greenlee Parents And Ethnicity Details

Marcus Greenlee was raised in South Carolina with his brother and two sisters. He is of African American descent. He was raised by his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, who raised him as a single parent throughout his youth and with whom he had a close relationship. She had not one but two jobs while he was a child, one working in the auto industry.

Marcus’s father’s identity and the name of his biological father are both unknown because her mother, Sabrina, has never mentioned him. His mother was left to raise him and his three siblings by herself after his stepfather Harris Steve Hopkins died in a car accident on Interstate 85 when he was only a baby.

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After spending time in Atlanta with other family members, DeAndre’s parents travelled back to their house in Georgia when the car accident occurred in November 1992. The older Hopkins’ Ford Mustang GTS hydroplaned and overturned three times after rounding a curve on the wet road before slamming into a railing on the driver’s side.

Hopkins passed away eight days after the incident due to the impact of his injuries, unlike Marcus’s mother, who was just left with minor scrapes and a concussion. Marcus, on the other hand, is a Christian. When Marcus was a student in high school, he was baptized. As a child, he routinely attended church with his mother.

Mother’s NameSabrina Greenlee
Father’s NameHarris Steve Hopkins

Marcus Hopkins Siblings Explored

His older brother Marcus Greenlee excelled in basketball and football during high school. Like his sister Shanterria, he went to Daniel High School. Later, he briefly enrolled in Georgia Military College. The two brothers are not genetically connected, even though they adore one another dearly. Instead, he was made feasible because he was the result of his mother, Sabrina Greenlee’s prior relationships.

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Marcus and his three siblings were reared by their single mother. When he was still a toddler, Harris Steve Hopkins, his stepfather, died in a car accident on I-85. He was raised without his birth father and stepfather as a result.

Where Is Marcus Greenlee Now?

His mother and siblings raised Marcus Greenlee after moving in with them as a young child in South Carolina. But nobody knows for sure where he is right now. Marcus most likely still resides in Clemson, South Carolina, nevertheless. In a family of five, he did not have a healthy upbringing.

Attended D. W. Daniel High School in Central, South Carolina, for his secondary schooling. He took part in extracurricular sports for the school’s varsity Lions teams when he was there, including football, basketball, and track and field.

DeAndre Hopkin, who has sworn loyalty to the Arizona Cardinals, is his brother and currently plays in the National Football League for them. The brothers played on the same collegiate football team together.

Some FAQs

Who is DeAndre Hopkins’s brother?

DeAndre Hopkins’s brother’s name is Marcus Greenlee. Marcus is not his biological brother but his stepbrother.

How old is Marcus Greenlee?

Marcus Greenlee, Hopkins half brother, is around the same age as him. NFL star DeAndre is 30 years of age.

Who is Marcus Greenlee’s mother?

DeAndre Hopkins and his brother Marcus Greenlee have the same mother, Sabrina Greenlee. Marcus was born as a result of her previous relationship.

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