DC Firefighter Christopher Potts Arrested: His Charges Mugshots And Jail Sentence Details

D.C. fireman Christopher Potts was arrested on Tuesday and held without bond as the police officer has him in custody pending further investigation.

According to a court filing, authorities called off the pursuit because it was dangerous. Instead, Potts handed up his fire department identification and driver’s license to the officer who stopped him, allowing them to identify him immediately.

Is DC Firefighter Christopher Potts Arrested?

On Friday, Christopher Potts was arrested by Fairfax County police. The Capitol Hill Engine 18 was where the D.C. firefighter was stationed.

Despite being charged in Montgomery County for allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase in Silver Spring earlier this year, Potts was still performing his duties as of Friday.

Christopher was pulled over for having a suspended registration on March 16 at 10 p.m. in the area of Spring Street and Georgia Avenue, according to the police.


Investigators claim that when it came to his keys and registration, he displayed a great deal of anxiety and stress. Police assert that Potts insisted he was entitled to a break because he worked as a firefighter in the District of Columbia.

When the tow truck arrived, and Christopher was informed that the vehicle would be impounded, he sped off, blowing through red lights and leading the police on a chase that, in their estimation, reached speeds of up to 100 mph.

Details On Christopher Potts Charges And Mugshots

On suspicion of robbery, Potts was held. According to the police, he was in a heated argument with someone he met on Cavalier Landing Court in the late afternoon of May 18.

According to the police officer, it is unknown what precisely the D.C. firefighter is accused of stealing with a gun from the victim.

Police have detained Christopher, and more investigation into the event is being conducted. However, the police agency is still withholding the D.C. firefighter’s mugshot.

Fairfax County police have not yet provided an update on this case, nor have they provided additional information explaining why Potts committed this act while working as a firefighter in Washington, DC.

Christopher Potts Jail Sentence: Is He Still In Jail?

Christopher Potts is a prisoner at the moment. However, the court has scheduled his next hearing for September 7.

The D.C. Fire Department reports that Potts is currently on administrative leave. Christopher had been jailed in Montgomery County, Maryland, before his second arrest for a misdemeanor that hadn’t yet been adjudicated.

According to the D.C. Fire and EMS Department, criminal behavior is neither supported nor tolerated, and Christopher will be held accountable in line with the law and the regulations. Potts has not yet spoken publicly on the robbery or revealed its purpose.

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