David Dall has worked at Secret Restoration for more than three decades and has built homes for people. He is an expert in restoring all kinds of antiques.

He is capable of restoring vintage automobilia, coin-operated machines, antique furniture, and boats. He is a cast member, and his incredible healing skills will surprise audiences.

He just made an appearance on Secret Restoration on the History Channel. The narrative follows a team of restoration experts as they toil inside a tool factory to fix antiques, rare artifacts, and heirlooms.

The surprising element of the story is that the owners of these items are not aware that they are receiving expert repair assistance.

David Dall
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How Old Is David Dall From Secret Restoration? His Age

David Dall is one of the restoration experts highlighted in Season One of Secret Restoration. He is an expert in both woodworking and vintage repair.

He has been managing a home construction business for 35 years. Based on his decades of expertise, he might be in his late 50s or early 60s.

In the most recent episode, he fixed Bennett’s $900 gas pump. The 1950s and 1960s saw widespread use of these Thomas Bennett-made pumps. He started his business in 1919 by making hand-crank barrel pumps; by the end of 2020, he was selling 1500 of them per month.

Stuart fixed the pump for his friend who was over 40. They would go to car shows and swap meets together. He decided to surprise Tommy by fixing the pump because Tommy worked at a gas station when he was a young adolescent.

David disassembled it, straightened the metal, cleaned up a lot of rust, painted it, and added a sky chief globe to the top. After finishing the repairs, he presented it to Stuart and invited Tommy as well.

They both viewed the new work of art at the same time, and were struck by how new it seemed. Tommy was shocked at how much the look of his petrol station had changed. The gasoline station was worth $5000 after renovations.

Who Is David Dall’s Wife?

David Dall’s wife is named Michele. The two appeared together on Good Morning America’s Hot Mess Express in 2016.

To Lara Spenser, Michele compared her husband to a cobbler with a hole in his shoes. She asserted that her husband doesn’t want to use the bathroom when he gets home from work.

She complained that her bathroom needed to be updated because it is stuck in the 1980s and has a broken toilet, a broken faucet, unattractive brass countertops, and a tub that is jokingly compared to the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

As a result, sponsor Delta Faucet joined forces with Good Morning America’s remodeling and design team, Cija Johnson and Alex Guerrero, to help them out and give their bathroom the makeover of a lifetime.

Spencer also rummaged through their boxes, finding the archaic tools from Dall’s workshop and using them. She found a pair of 1940s sconces that belonged to David’s childhood home as well as two vintage car hood ornaments that might be repurposed as towel holders.

Nothing else is known about Michele; she only made one televised appearance. Regrettably, she is also inaccessible on social media.

Information On David Dall’s ,Two son And Wife

The names of David Dall’s two children are Jessen and Morgan. Three years Jessen’s junior, Morgan, is his sister. David had posted pictures of them on his Facebook. His children competed in a model boat race in Old Greenwich in 2011, according to Greenwich time.

His father, Jes J. Dall, a WWII soldier, also taught him that nothing is wasted and that everything may be salvaged, according to History.com. At the age of 88, his father passed away in his home after a brief illness.

Image Source: history.com

He was a distinguished WWII warrior who served with the “Super 6th” 231st heavy artillery division in Europe and during the Battle of the Bulge, according to Legacy.com.

Clare James Dall, who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease, passed away from complications in 2012. Before moving to Connecticut and marrying Jes Dall, she spent many years working for Young & Rubicam in New York City.

He also has a brother named Jon Dall who passed away in 2004. The two children he had with Brook Dall and Taylor were his offspring.

What Is David Dall’s Net Worth And Earning?

David owns and runs Clarke Home Builders, a residential building business, and he graduated from Greenwich High School. He is a skilled craftsman and a wealthy businessman, but the extent of his fortune is unknown.

Jes J. Dall, the creator of the company, was president and sole proprietor of Clarke Builders until his son David joined him in 1987. David expanded the business and helped it become one of the most successful by using his great project management skills.

In addition to building hundreds of custom houses, David has refurbished and expanded many of them. In addition, he is a Master Craftsman who appeared on the Emmy-winning HGTV program Flea Market Flip.

The show’s objective is to covertly restore treasured antiques in order to surprise loved ones.

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