Since Penelope Kvyat, the F1 driver Daniil Kvyat’s daughter, turned three, her mother is probably looking for a school.

Penelope has more connections to Formula One outside just her father, Daniil. The three-year-old is also Nelson Piquet’s granddaughter, a legend in Formula One.

Kelly Piquet, a model from Brazil and Penelope’s stunning mother, is the daughter of Nelson Piquet. Daniil and Kelly, Penelope’s parents, split up just before she was five months old and don’t get along.

Due to her mother’s relationship with F1 champion Max Verstappen, Penelope may soon have another tie to the sport. While he was live streaming while playing games and giving Penelope safety tips, the Dutch driver took care of Penelope in a sweet scene that went viral.

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Penelope Kvyat Wikipedia Bio: Daniil Kvyat Daughter Age And Parents

Penelope Kvyat’s birthday was commemorated in July just a few months ago. Her father, Daniil, has competed for Red Bull Racing in the past and is one of Russia’s most successful Formula One drivers.

Penelope Kvyat was born on July 27, 2019, to Daniil Kvyat and his ex-partner, Brazilian model Kelly Piquet. A few years before they were blessed with their daughter, the couple started dating.

Penelope is a person of many ethnicities. Her mother is from Brazil and has resided in almost all major cities. Her father is a native Russian.

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The couple appeared to be madly in love as they posed for photos on their Instagram profiles in 2017 when they first started dating. Kelly regularly joined Daniil at one of his events because she was familiar with the world of motorsport.

They became official Instagram users in January 2017 when she uploaded a monochromatic image of them along with the Russian phrase for “love” to her Instagram account.

Five months after the birth of their daughter, the couple split in 2019. When Kelly announced their divorce on Instagram, she included a long comment stating that nothing in life is irreplaceable.

On July 28, 2022, the day her daughter turned three, Kelly posted pictures from the event and said, “Exactly three years ago, just before midnight, you arrived into my life and rocked my world forever.

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I have never encountered someone quite like you, and you never cease to surprise me. I’ll always be your strongest supporter. P, you are adored, my dear.

Daniel didn’t post anything for his daughter on his Instagram account, but not everything needs to be made public, right? Kelly’s partner at the moment is Max Verstappen, the man who took Daniil’s Red Bull job in the middle of 2017.

Age Gap Between Penelope Kvyat And Daniil Kvyat: Their Relationship Details

Penelope, who turned three on July 27, has a number of connections to the Formula One racing community. The renowned child and daughter of Daniil Kvyat and Kelly Piquet have grown up with the first-hand experience of the racing world.

Indicating that he has always tried to keep his kid out of the spotlight, Daniil doesn’t have any Instagram postings about his daughter. The backup driver for Alpine and former Red Bull racer is eager to update his fans on his most recent escapades.

On the other hand, his ex-girlfriend Kelly Piquet, who has a million followers on Instagram, routinely shares pictures of her daughter.

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The Russian driver and the Brazilian model had a two-year relationship. She is the three-time Formula One champion and legendary driver Nelson Piquet’s daughter.

The mother-daughter duo routinely visits exotic locations, and Kelly is usually spotted cheering on her boyfriend, Max Verstappen from the stands.

At the end of 2020, Kelly started dating Formula One champion Max Verstappen, and ever since, the two have been the talk of the town.

The Dutch driver is frequently featured in the model’s Instagram photos, and she isn’t afraid to openly declare her love for him. The 9-year age difference between the couple has recently made the news.

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