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Kanye West is not pleased with Daniel Cherry, the Adidas GM, who has a modest net worth of a few hundred thousand dollars.

Kanye West consistently makes headlines about his disputes with other individuals, despite his immense popularity and recognition on a global scale.

Kanye is once again in the spotlight, a few weeks after West mocked Pete Davidson with fake death news in response to the split from his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. His conflict with a senior Adidas official is what inspired the headline.

West allegedly wrote a couple of posts on Adidad GM Daniel Cherry III and is hoping for his demise, according to TMZ. The source also claims that the American rapper is not pleased with how the businessman is attempting to take over his Yeezy line.

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What Is Daniel Cherry Net Worth?

We estimate Daniel Cherry III’s net worth to be around $500k based on his earnings and profession.

He currently holds the prestigious post of Senior Vice President and General Manager for Adidas in the United States. A vice president at Adidas makes an average of $260,820 per year in sales, according to Indeed.

Daniel Cherry speaking at an event
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Cherry’s current salary must be at least $260,000 annually. He also previously held the position of SVP at DC Comics, which, according to Glassdoor, pays an average annual compensation of $236,762.

These earnings statistics make it very obvious that Daniel has been a successful CEO throughout his career and must have amassed a sizeable fortune. However, the formal confirmation of his wealth is still waiting.

What Happened Between The Daniel Cherry With Kanye West ?

Kanye West and Daniel Cherry are at odds because the rapper believes the executive is attempting to take over his Yeezy clothing line.

According to TMZ, Kanye appeared agitated this week and indicated that he believed he was being forced out of managing his company. This is when things really heated up. He has a lengthy history of working with Adidas and holds the rights to the Yeezy brand.

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So it is understandable for him to feel angry if he learns unexpectedly that his employer is trying to fire him. Kanye believes that SVP Cherry is the person behind the plot despite the continued misunderstanding.

In retaliation, the rapper has repeatedly spoken out against the executive and lashed out at him.

Daniel Cherry Wife And Children

Daniel Cherry is married and is supported by a devoted wife. Celebseek also claims that Cherry and his spouse had two kids together.

To the media and outsiders, however, neither his wife nor children’s names or other details are known.

Daniel, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has made progress in his job and maintained a solid home life in which he mostly takes care of his family.

The man is regarded as being close to his family and has a strong relationship with them.

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