Dana Blumberg Earnings, Net Worth, Age, Parents, And Children Details

Ophthalmologist Dana Blumberg, who has a $3 million net worth, is used to making six figures a year. 

The glaucoma expert is situated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and has been practicing medicine for 22 years.

On October 15, 2022, Dr Dana Blumberg, 47, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 81, said “I do” in a ceremony attended by many famous people at lower Manhattan’s Hall des Lumières.

In June of this year, three years into their relationship, the couple became engaged. Guests who sang to the newlyweds during the ultra-private surprise wedding ceremony included Ed Sheeran, Meek Mill, and Elton John.

The bride, Dr Blumberg, arrived in an Elie Saab jumpsuit before changing into her wedding dress, surprising the 250 invited guests. The wedding was described to them as a Kick-off and Touchdown party.

Dana Blumberg
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How Rich Is Dana Blumberg? Her Earnings And Net Worth

Dana Blumberg, an ophthalmologist, is worth $3 million.

Blumberg, a well-known ophthalmologist, earns between $500,000 and $700,000. Blumberg, who finished her residency in 2004, is currently employed by New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia.

Dana, a well-known glaucoma expert, has won numerous prizes throughout the years, including the Clinician Scientist Award from the American Glaucoma Society.

The ophthalmologist has maintained a quiet profile despite dating Kraft for three years. But she drew the attention of the media earlier this year when she flashed her enormous 10-carat engagement ring, which was as huge as the Super Bowl rings.

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The owner of the fourth-richest NFL team and a billionaire with a net worth of $10.3 billion is Robert Kraft. Therefore, it was clear that he had no interest in making the decision to purchase a 10-carat engagement ring.

The couple will live at Robert’s $43 million mansion in Southampton, New York, which he purchased in 2021 after Sarah wedded Robert.

The estate’s 6,600 square feet are home to four fireplaces, ten bedrooms, and 8.5 bathrooms. It was built in 2017. Kraft purchased the most expensive home through a secret off-market deal.

Age And Height Of Dana Blumberg

47-year-old In 1975, Dana Blumberg was born. The ophthalmologist is two inches taller than Robert Kraft, her well-to-do husband, who stands at 5 feet 7 inches.

Robert’s height may have decreased slightly with age, though. Robert and Dana began dating in 2017, despite their startling 34-year age difference.

The pair first connected at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event in 2017, but they didn’t begin dating until the following year. The two made their official coupling debut at the 2019 French Open.

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Later, they went to Paris to watch the Women’s World Cup soccer championship. Since then, they have appeared frequently in public, attending important business and fashion events together.

The ophthalmologist graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree before going on to Saint Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri in 2000 to acquire her medical degree.

After 22 years of practice, she started her fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. Robert is used to dating younger women, despite the fact that there is a clear age gap between the two of them.

He dated Ricki Noel Lander for six years until splitting up with her in 2018. Their ages were separated by 39 years.

Meet Dana Blumberg Parents

Parents Nathan and Marlene Blumberg welcomed their daughter Dana into the world in 1975.

The ophthalmologist’s father, Dr Nathan Blumberg, recently conducted an exclusive interview for the British newspaper Daily Mail. Only six years separate him from his son-in-law. He is currently 87 years old.

Nathan expressed his happiness for his daughter’s engagement to Robert Stark in a March interview with Mail. She is thrilled, he said. I’ve known [Kraft] for a very long time, and I truly enjoy being around him.

“I’m simply glad they found each other,” Nathan concluded. He accords her royal treatment. He should treat her like a princess because he is a millionaire.

Sadly, Marlene passed away on October 26, 2014, at the age of 78. As a result, she was not around to witness her daughter’s nuptials to the wealthy businessman.

After getting her degree from Cornell University, Marlene worked as an English teacher for 31 years at East Islip High School and six years at Ft. Hamilton High School in Brooklyn.

Who Are Dana Blumberg Children?

Dana Blumberg, who doesn’t have any children of her own and isn’t pregnant, is the stepmother to four kids. But after they are married and he takes over ownership of the New England Patriots, she will become the stepmother of Robert Kraft’s four sons.

Robert’s first wife was philanthropist Myra Kraft, who was also his undergraduate sweetheart. At the age of 68, Myra passed away abruptly from ovarian cancer, leaving behind her four sons and her husband, Robert.

1. Jonathan Kraft

Jonathan Kraft, 58, is the eldest son of Myra and Robert Kraft and the CEO of the Kraft Group. Jonathan is the owner and operator of The Revolution, an MLS franchise established by the Kraft family in 1996.

Jonathan holds a 1983 Williams College history degree in addition to two years of consulting experience with Bain and Company.

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Jonathan, the company’s eldest son, earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1990 since he would eventually oversee the business.

After being married in 1995, Jonathan and Patricia Lipoma welcomed two daughters, Alison and Harry Kraft, and one son, Jonathan Lipoma.

2. Daniel Kraft

One of the Kraft Group’s presidents, Daniel, is in charge of running the business along with his older brother Jonathan.

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Daniel, a 1987 Tufts University alum, has held a position with the venerable television network TeleRep. He became a vice president of marketing at Kraft Group.

After losing his mother to dreadful cancer, Robert Kraft’s second son, a married father of three, now serves on the board of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

3. Joshua Kraft

In addition to working for the family business, Robert and Myra Kraft’s third child is in charge of the Kraft family foundation. Joshua graduated from Williams College with a bachelor’s degree, just like his older brother.

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He has a degree from the Havard Graduate School of Education and has worked for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for 30 years. BGCB raised close to $132 million and expanded its budget to $26 million while operating under his direction.

4. David Kraft

The youngest child in a family is often thought to be the most rebellious.

The Kraft Family also fits this tale like a glove. David, the youngest son of Robert Kraft, quit the business in 2012, making him the only Robert Kraft family member who does not work with family.

David and Robert fell out before David left the company in 2012 due to his involvement in litigation. He desired to create a new trust for the family, giving the four boys more power.

In 2016, he also became a meme because, in contrast to his brothers, he had a considerably shorter Wikipedia entry that merely contained his name. Twenty thousand people voted up the linked Reddit screenshot. David Kraft tried but was ultimately changed.

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