Dan Price Ex-Wife: Kristie Lewellyn Bio, Domestic Abuse Claims, Marriage, Age And Net Worth: What Happened To Dan Price Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations?

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Ex-wife of Gravity Payments founder and Seattle CEO Dan Price is Kristie Lewellyn.

Kristie Lewellyn, who now goes by the name Kristie Colon, had her TEDx video pulled after accusing Dan of domestic abuse in 2015.

At a business dinner in January, the 38-year-old CEO was accused of pressuring women into kissing him. As a result, he resigned from his position.

Dan rose to celebrity in 2015 after he decided to forego his $1.1 million salary in favor of paying all of his staff $70,000.

Dan Price Ex-Wife: Kristie Lewellyn Bio: Who Is She?

The former spouse of American entrepreneur and social media sensation Dan Price is Kristie Lewellyn. Kristie is currently employed for the marketing company Simpson Scarborough.

Dan and Kristie got married in 2005, a year after he started Gravity Payments, a business that processes credit cards. When they got married, the pair was in their early 20s.

Dan has a lengthy criminal record and has been accused by numerous women in recent years.

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During a TEDx Talk in October 2015, Kristie charged Dan with domestic violence.

The video was never released since it was seen to be disparaging of Dan.

Dan lost a $500,000 book contract after Bloomberg published the report, and his Hollywood Talent Agency terminated him.

After her father’s passing, Kristie reportedly experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. She once wrote about having a miscarriage on her blog.

Kristie Lewellyn Claims Domestic Abuse: Dan Price Ex-Wife

In her TEDx Talk at the University of Kentucky in October 2015, Kristie Lewellyn discussed the ability of writing to heal from trauma.

Without mentioning her spouse by name, Kristie read from a diary entry she wrote about Price in May 2006 during her TEDx Talk.

“He became upset at me for ignoring him and grabbed me and shook me again,” the ex-wife of Dan Price wrote. He threw me to the ground and covered me with his body.

He began slapping me across the face and striking me in the stomach. I was trembling terribly.

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Dan Price later told Bloomberg that the incident never took place, but the TEDx footage has not been made public.

She also discussed locking herself in a car because she was worried Dan would bodyslam her into the ground once more or waterboard her in their bathroom in the video.

A New York Times article about Dan’s history of mistreating women was published last night. Kristie tweeted about it and added, “Nobody owes the world their suffering narrative.

Simply being is sufficient. I am aware of the price that comes with telling the truth time and time again. Thanks to everyone who shared their story here.”

Dan Price And Kristie Lewellyn Marriage

In 2005, Dan Price and Kristie Lewellyn got married. What was meant to be a joyful and harmonious partnership rapidly became a horror.

Was it youthful immaturity or an inflated sense of power? Dan Price was a man who never gave his marriage much thought since he was so focused on his career as a young entrepreneur.

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After a tumultuous seven-year marriage, the couple divorced in 2012, and three years later, Kristie gave the notorious TEDx Talk.

There were many accusations and mistreatments in their marriage. After his divorce from Kristie, Dan never remarried, but Kristie found a new love and moved on with her life.

Kristie Lewellyn Age: How Old Is She?

The age of Kristie Lewellyn is 37. Kristie married Dan Price when she was 20 years old, and she remained in an abusive marriage until she was 27.

The ex-wife of Dan Price is currently employed with Simpson Scarborough, a Washington, DC-based advertising and marketing firm.

Prior to joining the organization on November 1, 2021, she was an Account Director for UKHC Pharmacy.

Kristie preaches the importance of workplace diversity. She frequently tweets updates regarding her work with Simpson Scarborough.

By incorporating more diversity into their daily life, Kristie and her staff hope to improve and make their workplace safer.

Kristie is shown sharing articles about violent relationships and how people are more inclined to stay in them rather than leaving them after experiencing abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.

Kristie Lewellyn Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Kristie Lewellyn has not revealed how much money she is worth, although as a marketing agent, she typically makes $43,000 year.

Dan Price’s ex-wife, Kristie Lewellyn, had a low-key divorce settlement with him in 2012; nothing is known about their legal struggle.

Her ex-husband Dan Price, on the other hand, is worth $12 million. At the tender age of 19, the previous operator of Gravity Payments was a businessperson.

According to Bloomberg, Price lived in a rare instance in Seattle, a $900,000 house with a pool.

The 38-year-old has maintained his residence in Seattle, Washington, with his dog and cat following his divorce from Kristie.

What Happened To Dan Price Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations?

There are still two sides to the domestic abuse claims against Dan Price made by his ex-wife Kristie Colón. Price disputes the allegations of abuse and asserts that it never took place, while Colón stands by her accusation.

Kristie Colón, Prices’ ex-wife, alleged at a talk show that her ex-husband frequently struck, slapped, and threw her to the ground.

She also shared with the audience at the event that she had locked herself in the car out of fear that her partner would attack her.

Colón had delivered the talk at the University of Kentucky as a part of the TEDx program.

Her life was represented in public discourse as having been married at the age of 20 and been divorced at the age of 27 while being in an abusive relationship.

Price denied the accusations, saying that neither the alleged incidents nor his wife’s filing of a police report ever took place. However, Colón defended her allegations against Price in a blog post in 2016.

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