Dan Broderick Murder: Is Betty Broderick Still In Jail? About Children And Family

Betty Broderick remains in prison due to the sentence she received for her crime because her release request has been denied. She was primarily responsible for killing Dan Broderick.

A lady from the United States named Betty was found accountable for killing her ex-husband Daniel T. Broderick III and his second wife Linda (née Kolkena) Broderick on November 5, 1989.

She was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder at a subsequent trial on December 11, 1991, and was consequently given a 32-years-to-life prison sentence. As a result, the media coverage of the case was studied more.

The Broderick case was explored in other novels and a two-part television movie. In addition, a miniseries about Broderick was created and premiered in 2020. It included eight episodes.

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Dan Broderick Murder: Is Betty Broderick Still In Jail?

After being found guilty of murdering her ex-husband and his new wife in their bedroom, Betty Broderick was sentenced to 30 years in jail. Sadly, it is not anticipated that she will be set free anytime soon.

For the murders of her ex-husband Dan Broderick, 44, a well-known San Diego attorney, and his wife Linda Kolkena Broderick, 28, Betty was found guilty and given a 32-year sentence.

Throughout the hearing, Richard Sachs, a deputy district attorney, presented and elaborated his case against parole. “Betty is an unrepentant woman,” he declared.

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Nearly 30 years have passed since Betty was sentenced. Yet, Betty is still alive and well in the California Institution for Women in Chino, California. She is 73 years old. She is expected to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

After being charged with second-degree murder, Betty is still being held in custody. She received a 32-year prison term in 1991, which included two 15-year periods for the killings.

Betty Broderick Children And Family

The three children of Betty Broderick are now all married and have their households. They were contemplating whether or not to let her wander free.

Compared to Daniel Broderick IV’s three daughters, Rhett and Kim Broderick had two. In addition, Rhett and Kim Broderick are Idaho citizens, while Daniel Broderick IV resides in California.

Rhett, Kathy Lee, Dan Jr., and Kimberly are the children that Betty mentioned in her 2015 autobiography as still being in contact with and visiting. During Betty’s 2010 parole hearing, the testimony of her kids was heard.

According to the show, Daniel Broderick and Betty had four children together before he had an extramarital affair, left her for his secretary, and precipitated one of the acrimonious divorces of the era.

Where Is Betty Broderick Now? Her Update In 2022

At the California Institution for Women, where she is now incarcerated, Betty Broderick has been denied parole twice: once in 2010 and once in 2017.

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She was denied parole for 15 years, making 2032 her pre-eligibility year. However, if she satisfies specific requirements, such as acting responsibly, she might be released sooner.

The California Parole Board rejected her parole by a unanimous vote. In 2032, she will be 84 years old and eligible for release.

Betty’s perspective describes a series of incidents leading up to the evening of November 5, 1989, when she shot and killed Dan and his second wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick.

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