Dan Blankenship Earnings, Net Worth: Why Did Dan Blankenship’s Son Dave Leave The Curse of Oak Island?

When Dan Blankenship passed away in March 2019, his net worth was $1 million.

For more than 50 years, seasoned treasure hunter Blankenship has combed Oak Island in quest of priceless relics and antiquities.

Along with the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, he was presented as a man who knew everything about Oak Island’s treasures and secrets in the reality television series “The Curse of Oak Island.”

After his father passed away, Dave felt driven to carry on his father’s legacy by taking part in the reality show. But Dan doesn’t appear in the eighth season of the show.

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How Rich Is Dan Blankenship? Earnings And Net Worth

Dan Blankenship, a treasure hunter with a specialty on Oak Island, was said to have a wealth of $1,000,000.

Both his connections to the business world and his appearance on the History reality series The Curse of Oak Island brought in money for Dan, who passed away in March 2019.

The treasure hunter who knew about Oak Island assisted the Lagina brothers from the History Channel program as they searched for artifacts and diamonds.

Dan, a soldier of World War II who spent more than 50 years of his life in the northern offshores of Nova Scotia, heroically and tenaciously looked for the undiscovered riches beneath Oak Island.

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His love for treasure-seeking blossomed after reading about it in Readers Digest in 1965, much like Rick Lagina from the episode.

He made the decision to leave Florida with his wife and go hunting as a result of that. The native Ohioan never stopped looking, so the plan wasn’t meant to be the end of his hunt.

As Dan for History already said, it is far too late to turn back. For a very long time, it has been too late. I had a profitable contracting business in Florida.

I came up here and took a chance, leaving my friends and my good reputation behind. Even though he is no longer his son, Dave Blankenship continues his father’s legacy on the Oak Island show.

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Why Did Dan Blankenship’s Son Dave Leave The Curse of Oak Island?

Dave Blankenship, the son of Dan Blankenship, left Legina Brothers after working at The Curse of Oak Island for a considerable amount of time.

Dan appeared on the show to continue the work of his father, who spent more than 50 years of his life protecting Oak Island’s treasures.

In an effort to prevent his kid from passing out, Dave’s father, Dan, who had to go through a difficult divorce from his ex-wife Jane, took Dave to Oak Island.

When a recurrent character named Dave mysteriously vanished during the eighth season of the program, viewers were left with a lot of unanswered questions.

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According to fans of the show on Reddit, his absence from the show was brought on by both his health concerns and the Covid-19 epidemic, which broke out as the eighth season was being made.

Dave hasn’t mentioned leaving the show in any comments. He reportedly left the show for reasons unrelated to his health.

Dave announced his retirement in a special “Drilling Down” behind-the-scenes episode, which focused on his location because he was never seen in the series in 2021, although

Despite claims that he had a conflict with the show’s founders the year before, the program said that Dave departed the show on his own initiative and was friends with the Oak Island producers.

The assertion that the producers failed to acknowledge Dave’s father’s involvement with the program was supported by the website Mysteries of Canada, which was ostensibly in contact with Dave’s father.

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