Saskia Montgomery, Dacre Montgomery’s sister, is twelve years younger than her sibling. Saskia Montgomery was born to Australian parents.

The talented actor shot to fame after playing the bully Billy Hargrove in season two of the famous Netflix series Stranger Things.

Although evil and vicious, he gave his life in the third season finale to save his sister and her friends.

He claimed that in a “ask me anything” segment, he grabbed a box of Marlboro red cigarettes and Billy’s tank top as a souvenir of his stay there.

The Australian actor went on to play the lighter-hearted Nick Danielson in the upcoming comedy Broken Hearts Gallery, even though his time on the program was brief. The character development was sufficient to keep people talking about the actor for years.

The stark contrast from his prior performance demonstrated his adaptability as he attempted to shed the stigma of typecasting. Filmmaker Baz Luhrman noticed him and chose him to play Steven Binder in Elvis that same year.

Dacre Montgomery
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Who Is Dacre Montgomery’s sister?

The youngest relative is Saskia Montgomery, Dacre Montgomery’s sister. Saskia Montgomery was born to his parents, Scott Montgomery and Judith Barrett-Lennard.

When they first met when he was around twelve, the Perth actor still vividly recalled how it felt to hold his sister for the first time.

Even though he removed all traces of her from his social media, they still hang out when the cameras are not rolling. While drinking coconut water and donning matching sombreros, the two look adorable.

He has always gone everywhere the young woman wished, even the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere.

Dacre Montgomery: Age, Bio And Wikipedia

Australian Actor Dacre Montgomery is 28 years old now and featured on Wikipedia.

Sadie and Darce differ from Billy and Max, the on-screen brothers, whose relationship may not have been typical. Sadie admitted that she enjoyed her scenes with Darcy.

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It was clear from the actor’s press junket that he was very different from his on-screen counterpart and emanated hope. He made the most of the antagonistic character the television show afforded him, giving the appearance that he was a jerk who only cared about himself.

Sadie defended him and added that she loved watching them connect on screen. He was so good at what he did that she will miss him in the coming season. Her co-star Gaten Matarazzo agreed, stating that the two were complete opposites.

In a variation of their interview shared on TikTok, Darce referred to Sadie as the ideal shoulder to cry on. After the director yelled cut, he stated he attempted to be friendly to her in trying to put her at ease.

Details On Dacre Montgomery’s Parents And Family

Scott Montgomery and Judith Barrett-Lennard, both from Australia, are the parents of Dacre Montgomery.

He hailed from an artistic family and was reared in Perth, Western Australia. Because he was overweight and had no friends, he was bullied as a child.

Although he wasn’t a bad kid, his low grades and lack of athletic involvement made the professors notice him.

His parents, who both worked in the film business, encouraged him to pursue his passion for attending art school. After completing grade 12, he took a gap year, during which his agent boosted him to lose 25 pounds.

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To achieve a 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Acting at WAAPA, he enrolled in a theatrical program and received approval.

A PFCWA member named Scott Mongomery described himself as a proud father as his son Darce gained notoriety in the industry.

Dad introduced him to the performing arts when he was four years old and took him to the movie Dungeons and Dragons. The Jurassic Park visual effects significantly influenced young Dacre’s interest in movies.

They used to sit together and break down movies frame by frame, absorbing one other’s enthusiasm and energy. Scott and his wife relentlessly encouraged him to follow his heart, telling parents that if their children found a passion, their job would be almost halfway complete

Like the rest of the family, Judith, his mother, worked in the entertainment business.

She hails from a line of nobles, and his history can be traced back to 1321 when Ralph Dacre became Lord Dacre. She has Canadian and Australian origins and despises having the public see her face.

She will do everything for her two children because they are the centre of her universe.

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