CTV Chief News Anchor Lisa Laflamme Retirement Announcement: Who Is Her Replacement Bell Media?

Lisa Laflamme, a 58-year-old television journalist, hails from Kitchener, Ontario. She became well-known for her work at CTV National News, serving as senior editor and main anchor.

In 1989, she started working as a journalist for CKCO, a Kitchener CTV affiliate. In addition, she has worked as a substitute host and foreign affairs journalist for CTV National News.

During her tenure at CTV, she has interviewed numerous well-known domestic and international figures, including Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, and former presidents Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien, and Brian Mulroney.

CTV Chief News Anchor Lisa Laflamme Retirement Announcement
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To learn more about CTV Chief News Anchor Lisa Laflamme’s retirement announcement and replacement, continue reading the article below.

CTV Chief News Anchor Lisa Laflamme Retirement Announcement

In a video, Lisa Laflamme admitted that she was probably saying her final goodbyes to the CTV network on Monday. However, the seasoned newswoman thanked her coworkers and supporters for their “unwavering support” as well.

Although LaFlamme claims Bell Media’s decision to sever her 35-year partnership with CTV National News was “blindsided,” she does assert that the “business decision” will “shift the Chief news anchor role to another direction.”

She says in the video that Bell Media’s decision to cut her links to the network after 35 years has left her “shocked and dismayed.”

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LaFlamme took over as news anchor after CTV’s well-known anchor, Lloyd Robertson, retired at 77. He had been the network’s national news anchor for more than 40 years.

But as soon as she left the network, coworkers, viewers, and friends immediately reacted online. The evening news anchor for “The National,” CBC’s rival, Ian Hanomansing, expressed shock.

Dawna Friesen, the host of the program and executive editor of Global National, agreed with Hanomansing that LaFlamme “deserved more,” and they discussed their time as CTV coworkers.

Why Is Lisa Laflamme Leaving CTV News?

Bell Media’s unexpected action led Lisa Laflamme to leave CTV News after 35 years of service.

Global News claims that the company fired Laflamme due to a business decision. However, her abrupt departure from the network infuriated her admirers worldwide.

Laflamme acknowledged her gratitude for the chance and said, “Please know that reporting for you has been the greatest honor of my life,” despite being forced to leave CTV National News.

Bell Media: Who Is Lisa Laflamme Replacement Omar Sachedina?

Although Lisa Laflamme claimed the decision had been made on June 29, Bell Media announced her departure on August 15.

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According to another Bell Media announcement, Omar Sachedina will take over for LaFlamme as of September 5.

After joining the network in 2009, Sachedina worked as the national affairs correspondent for CTV News.

Due to “changing viewer patterns,” the corporation referred to the decision as a “business option” that went “in a different way.”

Lisa Laflamme Health Condition Update After Her Abdominal Surgery

Last year, Lisa Laflamme, a senior anchor for CTV News who is no longer employed, underwent stomach surgery due to excruciating agony.

Despite the lack of details about what happened to her, it becomes fair to assume that she was injured, underwent trauma, or had her appendix burst.

After spending the entire month of October in bed, she went back to work in December. Although she is in good health, her abrupt exit from CTV News shocked her fans.

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