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Cory Trautvetter, a resident of DeKalb, Illinois, worked at Twin Tavern. Then, on July 8, he abruptly died away. Here is more information about his obituary.

The passing of one of the most modest, kind, and loving persons has devastated the family and friends. Cory was adored and respected by his friends for his compassion and caring nature.

Unfortunately, God took him from everyone too soon. Everyone in his family was shocked to hear of his abrupt death because no one had anticipated it.

The deceased father from Illinois is survived by his wife and children. May he rest in peace, his soul.

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Cory Trautvetter Obituary

An employee of Twin Tavern named Cory Trautvetter passed away on July 8; word of his loss is spreading on social media. Read more about him on Wiki.

One of Illinois’ most well-known restaurant franchises, Twin Tavern, employed the Illinois guy in the past. He was born and reared in Malta, Illinois, and eventually relocated to DeKalb, Illinois.

Attending North Illinois University was Mr Trautvetter. He participated in a variety of sports throughout his time at college, including basketball, baseball, and hockey. He even played baseball for his collegiate team.

Find Cory Trautvetter Death Cause

The word of Cory Trautvetter’s passing has been circulating on social media, but no one is certain of how he passed away.

The deceased’s family is distraught and unable to remark at this time. However, his close friends have decided to celebrate some of his greatest moments again as a unique homage to him.

The Twin Tavern employee led a joyful life and, as far as we know, had no significant illnesses or diseases. However, his loved ones still don’t know what suddenly caused him to pass away.

Cory Trautvetter Age

When Cory Trautvetter passed away on July 8, 2022, he was 44 years old. On December 2, 1978, he was born in Malta, Illinois.

Les and Darla Trautvetter, his mother and father, were the parents of the 44-year-old. Later, the family relocated to DeKalb, where he finished his elementary and senior education.

He made his connection with Samantha Zerin, a stunning woman he met in a café, public in 2018. After her husband’s demise, Zerin will be alone and responsible for their only kid.

May God give his family and friends the courage they need to get through this trying time.

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