Is CookieSwirlC A P Star? Find Her Real Name, Age And What Did She Do That Was Bad?

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According to rumours, CookieSwirlC is a P Star. Let’s investigate the American YouTuber with more than 18 million subscribers to learn the truth.

Using dolls from popular TV series including Barbie, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Monster High, Disney’s Frozen, and more, American YouTuber Candace, also known online as CookieSwirlC, upload videos of herself playing the game Roblox.

For children between the ages of 8 and 14, there is also a brand-new app called Cookie Swirl World that is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon (3rd to 9th Grade).

She also owns the domain names Sugar8Cupcake and HoneyHeartsC. She occasionally gives money to different charities. She is an advocate for many causes, such as WEAVE, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, and A Place to Bark.

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Is CookieSwirlC A P Star? Exposing Her

Despite the speculations about her PH name and revealed video, CookieSwirlC is not a P Star. She was well known, nevertheless, for the high-quality content on her 18.2 million-subscriber Youtube channel.

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Candace discovered individuals who had posted intriguing YouTube videos in the past. So, spur of the moment and feeling driven, she uploaded her first video to her very first channel, HoneyheartsC (formerly HoneyHearts27), which has numerous horses.

Her first video was a narrative about how she used to enjoy playing by herself in her room when she was younger. When it unexpectedly became viral, she too became well-known. After that, she continued to publish videos until her channel became well-known.

What Is CookieSwirlC Real Name? Her Age

The real name of CookieSwirlC, a 26-year-old lady, is Candace. She goes by the names Can and Candy.

She was tentative when she first started filming YouTube videos, but as time went on, she started to exhibit signs of eagerness.

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She has four horses, two dogs, several fish, two cats, and two dogs in her care. Additionally, Candace has admitted that she has a younger sister named Melody.

She anticipates receiving a ton of fan letters from her followers. She spends hours reading letters, drawings, and toys, but she only reads a small percentage of the massive volume of fan correspondence she intends to discuss in her film.

What Bad Thing Did CookieSwirlC Do?

Online allegations about CookieSwirlC being a P star have recently been circulating. After hearing the news, many of her fans experienced sadness.

We can also find videos about this subject on Tiktok. Additionally, based on the comments, it appears that she is not open to that people are referring to.

The issue is brought up by the YouTuber Cookieswirlc, who made their debut on the platform on November 4, 2013. We won’t know if what she was doing was wrong or not unless she speaks the truth.

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