Ian and Pheobe Swindells are Connor Swindells’ parents; they are not actors.

Fans believe Alistair Petrie is his father even though they have an on-screen father-son relationship. Connor Swindells rose to fame after taking on the role of Adam Groff in a Netflix series.

He won a Screen International Award in 2017 and was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards in 2019. On October 30, 2022, the historical drama SAS: Rouge Heroes will debut, with Connor serving as a cast member.

In his role as David Stirling, a wounded officer who devises a plan to assemble a small clandestine unit made up of the most valiant and tenacious soldiers who can operate behind enemy lines, he portrays David Stirling.

Connor Swindells
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Connor Swindell’s Parents

Connor Swindells is the son of Ian and Pheobe Swindells.

His relationship with his on-screen father, Alistair Petrie, and his real father, Ian Swindells, are more well-known than his superb acting.

He resided in Lewes, East Sussex, with his parents and three older brothers until he was seven years old. Then, Connor relocated to West Chiltington to live with his grandparents, father, and brothers.

His mother went away from intestinal cancer while he was a young child. His grandparents raised him after the death of his mother.

However, many fans were taken aback when they recognized Alistair Petrie, who plays Connor’s on-screen father. Ian is Connor’s real father. Because of their strong resemblance, the show’s viewers questioned whether they were related.

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Petrie responded to his followers on social media about his relationship with Swindells.

Connor makes him feel like they are father and son, even though they are not biologically related, and he is just as proud of him as he would be of his child.

Who Is Connor Swindells’ Partner?

Featured romantic attraction Couple Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindell.

The couple met while shooting on a Netflix show in 2018, but they didn’t start dating until the project was over. Instead, the couple concealed their relationship until the show’s airing, at which point they came clean.

They dated for two years before they decided to break up in 2020. Aimee explained her breakup with Swindells, claiming that “the relationship wasn’t benefiting them both.”

She also mentioned how well they still get along and appreciate each other despite being apart. Unfortunately, Connor has not been connected to anyone since splitting up with Aimee.

Connor Swindells’s Net Worth And Career Earnings

The actual amount of net worth of Connor Swindell is still a mystery as he has not opened up about his income.

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Swindells makes a living off of his acting skills. His friend dared him to audition for a part in a nearby play after he saw an advertisement for it, and that is how he got into acting.

He then participated in two other plays, and during the third performance, a casting director approached him.

He made a surprise guest appearance on a 2017 Harlots episode. That same year, he replaced Joe Alwyn as Donald in The Vanishing. The film became accessible on January 4, 2019. In 2018, he had an appearance in the Ed Lilly-directed film VS.

In Barbie’s upcoming movie, he will appear alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The movie will be made available in 2023.

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