BME Films was founded by Condola Rashad’s boyfriend, Sebastian Valentin Stenhoj. In 2014, Condola and Sebastian began dating.

The American actress made her name in the staging industry. Her parents are Phylocoa Rashad (an actress) and Ahmad Rashad (a sportscaster and a professional football player).

The actress has an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Soon after, she began her role in the Off-Broadway play Ruined.

She received the Theatre World Award for Best Debut Performance and was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. The theatre actress’ performance in Stick Fly also garnered her Tony Award nominations.

She has starred in various film and television projects in addition to her stage work, including Smash, The Good Wife, Submissions only, and many others.

Today’s widespread recognition of Condola can be attributed to recent films like Billions, Sex* and the City 2, Money Monster, and Smash.

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Know More About Condola’s Boyfriend, Sebastian Valentin Stenhoj

Condola Rashad’s boyfriend, actor and artist Sebastian Valentin Stenhoj. Sebastian is a producer for BME Films as well.

It was in 2004 when Sebastian completed his high school education at The Buckley School. As time went forward, he enrolled in CalArts in 2004.

Even though Condola attended UC Berkeley, Sebastian attended UC Irvine. The actor has appeared in several films, including The Pearl Necklace, A Work of Art, and Nano.

He was a teacher at the high school he attended before he became an actor and producer. He was the soccer coach and social justice teacher at his high school.

He also directed the play The Adventures of Elizabeth Finklestein: A Non-Tragedy in 3 Acts. He is currently employed as a producer at BME Films.

He’s taking what he learnt in school and applying it to his movies to create more original narratives. The producer can also communicate effectively in Swedish and Danish.

Brachial plexus injury was his issue, as evidenced by his posts on Instagram. Because of this, doctors had to cut off his arm above the elbow. The actor uses a hanger prosthesis to replace his lost arm.

Condola And Sebastian’s Relationship

More than seven years have passed since Condola and Sebastian’s relationship. The star had already popped the question to his girlfriend.

Over half a century old, the white gold and sapphire engagement ring was a gift from the actor to his fiancee from his grandmother.

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When the actress’ best friend and future fiance proposed, she was shocked and overjoyed. Although there have been few images of them together in quite some time, we can only hope their bond remains unshakeable.

Condola Grew Up In New York

They are Condola Rashad’s parents: Phylicia Rashad and Ahmad Rashad. When Condola was little, her parents split up.

Phylicia’s mother is the famous American actress, singer, and director Phylicia Rashad, best remembered for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show on NBC.

For her work on the show, she was nominated for an Emmy. In addition, she won the title of “Mother of the Black* Community” at the 2010 NAACP Image Awards.

She was the ideal student that Howard University’s College of Fine Arts had been waiting for. Her father, Ahmad, is a former NFL player for the St. Louis Cardinals and a sportscaster in the United States.

He first suited up for the Oregon Ducks as a football player while attending Oregon. After two years with the Cardinals, he was sent to the Buffalo Bills in 1974.

In 1976, after he had suffered a leg injury, he was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. The Minnesota Vikings signed him soon after, and he was named to the Pro Bowl four times during his time there.

After hanging up his cleats, the former NFL athlete is now a studio analyst and game reporter for many sports networks.

Phylicia and Ahmad first crossed paths on the set of The Cosby Show and eventually became a relationship.

In 1985, the reporter publicly proposed to the actress on national television during the pregame program. Both of them had already been married twice before.

More than 15 years passed between marriages for the pair, although this one lasted longer than any others.

Siblings Of Condola

Condola is an only child; her parents never had any more children. Nonetheless, her parents’ several marriages have resulted in six further siblings for her. Keva Rashad and Maiyisha Rashad are sisters of Condola.

Ahmad’s first wife, Deidre Waters, gave birth to Keva, and his second wife, Matilda Johnson, gave birth to Maiyisha. Despite having different moms, the sisters have formed a strong kinship and get along well.

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