Bret DeBoer, the father of Cole DeBoer, is a teacher and a discus coach. Bret and Cole both have a love of motor vehicles.

Deboer rose to fame after making his MTV debut in 2014 when he started dating Chelsea DeBoer.

They are happily married and excellent role models for their four kids. Personal trainer DeBoer and his wife have come a long way since their first appearance on the show.

And now, more than ten years later, their fame has grown as a result of the recent premiere of their television program Down Home Fab. Their show premiered on HGTV on January 16, 2023.

Through the design, development, and growth of their business as well as undertaking client renovations, the couple in Down Home Fab overcame the most trying period of their lives.

Only a few people are aware of DeBoer’s beloved parents, Bret and Jennifer, despite the fact that he, his attractive wife, and his adorable children are well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

Cole DeBoer
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Cole DeBoer Father And Mother

Bret DeBoer, Cole’s father, raised him in South Dakota. Bret worked as a teacher for a number of years prior to retiring.

The reality star has posted a few pictures of his father on Instagram, despite the fact that he hardly ever discusses him in public.

His father may be visible in at least two of his Instagram images that fans scroll down to.

On May 5, 2019, the reality star tweeted numerous pictures of himself with his father and father-in-law. He acknowledged receiving this from his wife on his birthday.

A commenter on Instagram says that DeBoer’s father taught her how to debate and coach her 25 years ago.

Cole was welcomed by his mother Jennifer in Sioux Falls on April 18, 1988. He is the second and youngest son of the DeBoer family.

The youngest son’s name, Cole William DeBoer, was chosen by Jennifer and her husband with inspiration from Greek mythology. However, the reality star is more well known by his professional name, Cole DeBoer.

Cole And Chelsea Houska Married Life

They first met in 2014 at an unexpected gas station in South Dakota. Chelsea was at the time raising Aubree, the daughter she shared with her ex-partner Adam Lind, by herself.

Image Source: Instagram

In the years that followed, the then-single mother moved on from her ex and created a lovely life for herself and her child. She currently lives with the South Dakotan and is content to be a part of their lovely family.

After meeting her future husband at the gas station, she hurried home to tell her friend.

After dating Chelsea for a year, DeBoer moved in with her and her daughter. Finally, in November 2015, the trainer got down on one knee in the woods after getting the go-ahead from Aubree.

He allegedly asked her daughter whether it was okay if he married her mother, according to Houska at the time.

In July 2016, the couple revealed that they were expanding their small family. According to them, Baby DeBoer is expected to be born in February 2017.

A few months later, on October 1, 2016, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in front of their close relatives. The DeBoer family welcomed its newest member in January 2017. Houska’s son Watson was born.

Houska made her exit from the MTV program after ten years as a star official on November 10, 2020.

Sibling Of Cole DeBoer

Cole’s older brother, Brock DeBoer, is two years older than Cole. Cole shared a photo of him on Instagram on May 6, 2022.

They looked so much alike that many assumed they were twins, which amazed them. The image showed the brothers side by side, their big smiles and slender frames matching.

Brock showed off his long hair in a very different way than DeBoer, who had short sides and back. However, the surprising resemblance quickly drew fans, who shared their opinions in the comments section.

According to The Sun, the older brother is a ceramic artist who lives and works far from his younger brother’s home state of South Dakota in Los Angeles, California.

Children Of Cole DeBoer

Image Source: Instagram

Houska and DeBoer’s family is completed by their four kids. Their three daughters are Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer, Layne Ettie DeBoer, and Walker June DeBoer, and their son is Watson Cole DeBoer.

Fans of Teen Mom may already be aware that on September 7, 2009, Houska and her then-boyfriend, Adam, brought their daughter Aubree into the world. She was conceived in the opening episode of 16 and Pregnant.

Houska and her ex had a difficult relationship from the start, and MTV fans watched as the young mother struggled to find her footing and happiness as a single mother.

Baby No. 2, the only male in the DeBoer family, was born in January 2017. Houska gave birth to Watson, the couple’s first child together.

The reality actress announced the arrival of her kid on Instagram with a photo of her baby’s fingers and the caption, “Welcome to the world, sweet child.” The youngster, now six years old.

In March 2018, the couple announced they were expecting their third child.

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that a sweet baby girl will join the gang in a few short months.

On August 29, 2018, the day Layne, the little nugget, came, Houska received the best birthday gift she had ever received.

The couple posted a cute picture of the infant dozing off on Instagram. Walker and her older brother Watson are four years apart even though they have the same birthday (January 25).

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