Coby Bird Age, Height, Autism Diagnosis And His Father Nick Bird Details

Coby Bird
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An actor with autism, 20-year-old Coby Bird, is a supporter of those with autism and disabilities. 

Do you believe that he could not realize his ambitions of becoming who he was intended to be because of his autism? Continue reading to learn more about Coby.

Coby Bird played an autistic patient on ABC’s The Good Doctor, which caused the show’s lead, Dr. Shaun Murphy, to reevaluate his autism diagnosis.

The Good Doctor showed how to portray true diversity by incorporating a wide range of autistic people. The bird was right, as just 5% of disabled characters on primetime television are played by people with disabilities.

The rest are portrayed by actors who are pretending to be impaired. Coby plays Ellie Whedon’s adopted son Rufus Whedon in Netflix’s Locke & Key adaptation.

Wikipedia Bio Of Locke And Key Coby Bird

Key & Lock The 20-year-old autistic actor Coby Bird is well known for playing Rufus Whedon.

His mother, Rachael, and father, Nick welcomed him into the world on May 18, 2002, in Los Angeles, California.

When Coby enrolled in the neighborhood high school to be ready for graduation, he discovered his love for acting.

Coby Bird
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He later changed programs to The Miracle Project, a theatre program, and started studying acting. The theater program The Miracle Project is open to kids with autism spectrum disorders.

Autism was never a hindrance in Coby’s acting career. The motivated actor made his acting debut as a protestor in the film “Mega Python vs Gataroid.”

Age And Height Of Coby Bird: How Old Is He?

As of 2022, Coby Bird will be 20 years old and towering 6 feet 5 inches tall. He made his acting debut in 2011 at the age of nine.

He appeared in the TV show “Speechless” later that year when he was just 15 years old. Coby, who is 17, received a 3.67 GPA and graduated from high school in 2019.

Bird, who is 18 years old, was chosen to play Rufus Whedon in the 2020 fantasy-horror film Locke & Key. He first made an appearance on the show as a guest star in seven different episodes, but now he plays a major role in it.

Coby Bird Autism Diagnosis: His Age When He was Diagnosed With Autism

When Coby Bird was four and a half years old, he was diagnosed with autism, but he was too young to understand it at the time.

He routinely talks about autism on his Instagram, answering questions from followers and sharing his personal experiences.

When Coby was younger, he opened up to his followers about the various phases of autism he experienced, including the hyper fixation phase, in which he became fixated on things like cars, Titanic, anime, and other things.

Coby Bird
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He thought it was easy to remember his lines because he was an actor. His autism did not provide many difficulties as a result.

He also remarked on how fortunate he had been to work with outstanding teams that never stopped encouraging him in spite of his illness.

Bird wants to be recognized for who he is, not just for having autism, by the public. Coby admitted to having extreme social anxiety and that he tries his best to manage it.

Coby claims he can overcome his restrictions despite having a disease because he wants to demonstrate to others that they can do anything despite their circumstances.

Bird is a supporter of people with disabilities or autism.

How Old Is Rufus Whedon In Locke And Key?

Ellie Whedon’s adopted son, Rufus Whedon, is 20 years old and works for Locke & Key.

Rufus makes his television debut in the episode “Welcome to Matheson,” played by Coby Bird. Rufus appears to be autistic and preoccupied with the army and war-related matters, based on many of his behaviors.

Coby Bird Father Nick Bird: Who Is He?

Nick Bird, the father of Coby Bird, is currently a producer for the television program “The Imagination of Crumbs.”

When Coby’s father was 12 years old, Martin Scorsese’s movie “Goodfellas” served as an inspiration for him to pursue a career in directing. He studied writing and directing at Columbia College and Chaffey Seminars in Los Angeles.

Nick thereafter attended Playhouse West for his formal education. Rancho Cucamonga and a movie that had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival were both written and directed by Nick.

The construction of writing, directing, and acting school is Nick Bird’s primary objective him.

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